Flying Monkeys in Society

When someone says something awful about another person most people will wonder why? Some do not. In fact, they might go so far as to become a flying monkey for a disordered individual. By flying monkey, I mean do their bidding for them. These types of people don’t want any legal consequences for false statements about another person. Or they want to intentionally confuse their target to the point where the person has no idea where it is originating from.

Unfortunately, I have had to deal with this too often. I believe the intention is to isolate, intimidate, and humiliate the target until they either: a) become angry. b) develop a mental health issue. c) walk away feeling defeated. Regardless it is an absolute dehumanizing experience I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Personally, I have been told or been confronted with the following rumors: A) I’m biologically male when I’m biologically female. B) My medical condition is contagious when I don’t have any contagious diseases. C) I’ve had audio of me manipulated to paint me in an awful light. D) Told I was lying about experiencing abuse when I have proof. E) I have never worked in my life when I have. F) I’m an addict when the people spreading this tried to peer pressure me into becoming one. G) I live in my Mom’s basement which is untrue. H) My art is not my own when I can prove it is.

Imagine being stuck defending yourself from untrue statements that not only have real-life consequences but leave you with trauma. Imagine waking up each day trying to simply move on but having a group of people focused upon not letting you do so. I can say with confidence, even after all the injustices done to me that I have never contacted someone’s friends, family, or new lover in attempt to derail their life. I have let some of the worst characters walk away into their own karma without intervening to that extent.

Flying monkeys have become socially accepted to the point where victims are now villains. People have no clue they are supporting the further abuse of others by supporting and speaking gossip about the person who escaped. If they do have a clue, they are just as disordered as the person who originated such manipulation. A chunk of society needs to wake up to the fact at some point they supported some of the worst people because of the discrediting and smearing of victims by flying monkeys. Until people are educated on the red flags associated with smear campaigns and flying monkeys they will continue to be part of the problem.

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