Rejection and Reactions

Rejection can be difficult to accept. No one wants to be rejected by another person but the reality is it will happen. In my experience, most people have not responded well. This needs to change.

There are many reasons why someone might reject another person that has nothing to do with the other person. Perhaps, they are not ready to date or be in a relationship. Maybe they have suffered too much trauma and would rather focus on themselves. Maybe they are going through something personal and feel it wouldn’t be fair to another person to also deal with that struggle. Perhaps they’ve had too many bad experiences and prefer to be alone at this point in life. Regardless, it is the choice of that person to reject another.

If it is a reason related to the person being rejected they could lack the self-awareness to realize this. The conversation could be uncomfortable to have and result in hurt feelings. In my opinion, looks are not healthy to solely focus upon but if a person is not attracted whatsoever to the other person this can be a hindrance. If a person has bad hygiene, dresses inappropriately when invited to certain places, and/or doesn’t take care of themselves it can be a major red flag and turn off. Some will say it is shallow to look at appearance but in reality it is the first thing the world sees and responds to. If everyone showed up to an interview with inappropriate attire, they would be less likely to make a decent impression. Same goes for dating. Also, people have preferences. Some might like certain fashions while others do not. Don’t try to bend yourself to another person as well and lose yourself. Some people will accept the look you’re going for. Why change when the person you’re seeking could be right around the corner?

Too often, people cannot handle rejection because it hurts. It deep down makes a person wonder why but my point here is to help those hurting to understand there could be a reason that has nothing to do with you or if it does then it could be personal preference. What’s not okay to do is belittle, degrade, humiliate and/or continuously ask why if the person doesn’t feel comfortable discussing it. For all you know they could have had an awful past experience and you’re adding to their anxiety. Also, it is never a good look to not be able to handle rejection. If anything it validates the other person’s decision that you are not ready to handle dating let alone a relationship. Healthy people eventually move on and accept the decision. Healthy people don’t let other people dictate their value either. Like I said, someone could be around the corner who is the right fit but some people are too focused upon the person who rejected them. Handle rejection with grace, class, and respect. Value yourself enough to walk away and find someone else.

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