Discrimination Against those with Different Needs

She sees a lady in a parking lot waiting for her ride. She’s in a wheelchair, it’s cold and it’s more than something she’s just observing. It’s the world now. It’s the way she sees this scenario often that rattles her psyche; perhaps someone is just running late? But is this the way the world is now?

Big question. It feels as if it decomposes parts of her brain with stress so she avoids it sometimes. But not anymore. Have most humans lost compassion? Are we so consumed by things that don’t matter, people with different needs have taken a back seat? I think so.

Why do these types of specific people not matter it seems? Are we disposable to society? They won’t say it but we feel it. We feel it when our ride is late, when someone gives a backhanded comment, or straight up spews hatred over something we cannot control.

Others can go venture into the world and not worry about the judgments that we have to. They can exist and feel as if that’s okay, but not us? Should I shove myself into a corner and die for the amusement of those who discriminate against people who have disabilities? That’s heavy sarcasm there incase no one picked up on it, but this is how it feels. It feels as if you’re sent backwards into time and dealing with some people who would let you die off if it was legal. And unfortunately, that’s a reality now. I know of countless stories of those with my condition who were not treated fairly and ultimately chose to relocate for legal euthanasia. Rather than funding research or trying to find a cure, they give some the option of giving up.

As for those who perpetuate the discrimination against others; they’ll almost never outright admit their discrimination. Over the years, I’ve personally had people follow me asking uncomfortable questions (borderline stalking), stare me down for parking where I need to, tell me the pain is all in my mind (funny thing is, it’s neurological so), ask me the same question every single time I see said person, had people I thought were supportive turn on me for not being an “inspiration”, had some medical professionals use gaslighting, and even had someone in a romantic relationship tell me no one will want me due to my pain condition. Ouch, right? Now imagine with each step you take having pain that’s unbearable and dealing with this type of behavior consistently?

I hope people who engage in this type of discrimination realize they are not only harming a person who is battling something they know nothing about, but it could also create the type of culture that support hate crimes. Statistically speaking, those with disabilities are more likely to be abused, neglected, and/or assaulted. It’s time for change to occur in how we treat and perceive others who have different needs. Thank you.

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