Miss Watched

She had no idea what darkness existed behind his smile. Chose to see the pearly whites and not the fangs. He devoured her free will like a ship being engulfed by the sea. No one could see the pieces at the bottom of the surface either. Maybe in the right ray of sunshine, it could be revealed; but to her the world felt so dark with hidden secrets.

He knew where she was going, when she left, who she talked to, and it became a dystopian nightmare. No privacy, no free will, and no way to escape.

She tosses the phone into the sea. Nothing matters but freedom. Nothing matters but escaping his gps grasp.

But eventually another type like him started doing the same. And it was clear as day to her, it would be a long battle confronting the darkness in others combined with technology.

Socially engineered situations became a bit too common. Coincidences seemed to add up to the point where they were no longer coincidences. She tested her theory over and over, only to confirm the reality is some people don’t respect boundaries of others. The world was no longer the same to her; anyone could know her before she even spoke. Such an odd feeling to have, to feel as if a lot of people were playing a character. Most people already do so, but the level she’s endured makes the past feel like a fallacy. Pretending to have her same interests while knowing information they illegally obtained. Pretending to not know where she’s going while watching her as a dot on a map. Just a dot, huh? Not a human? And why play this game?

Why couldn’t they just play themselves?

Because they were pieces of themselves. Bent, mis-wired, fearful, and everything they projected upon her eventually. Like creatures with no humanity or decency they prey upon others like they’re wild animals to be hunted.

It has to stop. She will be the one to disarm these types.

For now, we eat. She thinks.

The diner was awful. Loud to her already hypervigilant senses. Perhaps he would emerge or hide behind a keyboard. Either way, she was ready. Everyone on the outside would wonder why she started recording a similar vehicle to his but none of it mattered. Imagine feeling hunted like a fawn. Imagine being afraid to step outside your home. Imagine your nervous system stuck in a constant flight response and nothing being able to calm it down?

F*ck you. I will legally destroy and sue you once this is over.

She leaves. Within moments he’s in the rearview mirror with his beat up Honda and small d*ck. Haha. His entitlement wreaks of Bo and the I own you mentality of a patriarchal society that tells men they are owed a woman they never deserved.

She stops and lets him go by, recording his every move. To the outside world she looks crazy while the crazy person looks sane.

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