About Me

I have a passion to write about almost anything. Even in elementary school I was writing over ten pages of stories inspired by goosebumps novels just because I wanted to.  I would wander aimlessly through the library, avoiding class, and trying to find more Dr. Seuss books. The way the words had rhythm immediately let me combine writing and a beat together, which is essentially poetry. By my teenage years, I was writing poetry but still storytelling on the side.  Whether it is on paper or in conversation, storytelling brings me to life. Everything that as happened throughout my life sometimes feels as if it in unreal and meant for the storytelling imagination. Over the years my writing keeps me energetic, happy, and curious about my own small town talent becoming more than what I expected. This is where I share everything with my audience. This is where I have no shame, no care of judgments, no remorse, and no desire to live up to other peoples ideologies.  This is where I find a connection to the minds that think like mine in ways and not afraid to think in different ways as well. This is where I build authentic connections, inspiring me to push forward and never be forgotten. Thank you for your time.


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