Everyday I see people lose something in technology. The human like qualities have gone out the window and that does not make me old school but rather in touch with the past and the future as well. Things have become who we are rather than what we have. Things mean nothing though when someone loses them self in the process of trying to gain. No one can truly achieve everything they desire in one life. To do so your quality of life would diminish and the goal would become counterproductive. The ideal state would be to set one goal and more onto the next without interference from the changing world full of technology. I think there is something honorable in letting go of what is unnecessary.  It is in essence freeing yourself from the binds of what most perceive as evolution but what  I see as devaluing. Soon there will be no need for humans since robots can do better calibrations with minimal errors. Walmart won’t need cashiers. Starbucks won’t need someone to hold the cup for foam on a latte. I guess I think people are too involved with technology in a wrong way. To create a widening gap between the rich and poor with technology is not ok. To create a windmill to supply a town with power is. It is all up to those in power to decide how to apply technology to society but it is also up to us to not give in and buy things which do not support humanity as a whole. If something creates a negative impact it should not be supported. Our children are becoming less intelligent with convenience. They don’t know how to write cursive, complete sentences, and poetry. However, they can tell you how to change your facebook picture by the age of ten. Who cares? What is important is arming our nation not with guns but with beautiful minds. Minds that use their greatest talents to their advantage. Minds that are not told to go to college, follow the typical path, and get a job but rather minds that need no college and are created out of a self-image no one can shatter. An image so well drawn in the mind it does not need reassurance from another, it just needs itself.  Support your children but never lead them to the water. Let them find the lake themselves. Let them wander, feel lost, then redeem themselves. The happiest people are forged from the worst sometimes. The unhappy people are mostly faking their happiness. Be true to your children, your family, your friends, and most importantly yourself. There is no construct but what walls are created in the mind. Social norms can try but cannot succeed in defining someone who does not want to be defined. And some of the most influential people have freed themselves from judgments and past mistakes. They do not live in the past but rather lay the past in the back of their minds to avoid repetition. Our children, our students, our people are becoming repetitive. If everyone has the same degree, then everyone is without a job and it means nothing. It is not your paper but your mind that sets you apart. Think of what makes you happy, and share it with others.

Step outside America, breath the air, put down the Ipad and realize everything was here we needed from the beginning. Our desires can be shackles to ourselves and other people. Too much is simply too much and gives another person not enough. And unlike a lot of people I would like to sleep at night knowing I am not at fault for the widening gap between the rich and poor. And for those who are I hope someday you realize and give back to the community not because of guilt but because you wanted to. It is time to reinvent America as not the land of the free, but rather the land of the trying to be free. We must face the issues we have created for generations to come, derived from an unhealthy system which rewards the heartless and condemns the strong. We can no longer deny our nikes are no longer white but black with how much treading the majority in this country has done to succeed. We all have a bad story but together we can make the future promising. Thank you for my readers.

Laura Elisa

99 Facebook Friends but they Ain’t Real Ones

If you’re having friend problems I feel bad for you son

I got 99 facebook friends but they ain’t real ones

I got the spat patrol like a cat patrol

Foes that wanna make sure my mouths closed

Critics say she’s “Money cats clothes”

I’m from the country stupid where facts are disclosed

If you grew up with no laces in your zapatos

You’d party the minute you had some cash flow

I’m like fuck haters you can kiss my whole lips

If you don’t like my lyrics you can laugh and kiss this

Got beef with many If I don’t play the game

but they don’t play my level, one in the same

Some haters try and use my nice ass

So I can be their sugar mama over cash…fuckers

I don’t know why you are taking me here

you can’t afford one beer

I’m from bad to better playa I ain’t dumb

I got 99 facebook friends but they ain’t real ones….

Just hit me…

and get it over with.

99 facebook friend but they ain’t real ones

If you’re having friend problems I feel bad for you son

I got 99 facebook friends but they ain’t real ones

wish they’d just hit me

get it over with.

The year is 2014 and my truck is full

in my rear view mirror is a benz

I got two choices yall keep driving or

slow down the car some more

Now I ain’t trying to stick no gun out the door

but I got a few bullets galore

So I pull over cuz’ he’s on the side of the road

And I heard…”Girl, you better stay on the other side of the door!”

Cause’ this guys young and he’s ready to blow

and I think I know body language, maybe I don’t know

Am I ready to go or should I stay some mo’?

Well I was doing fifty five and the sucker was going 94

Thought it was a cop on the back road

until I saw him riding my bumper to my dashboard

I ain’t steppin out to see me on my deathbed

Ain’t kickin’ it when it’s down either

just lettin’ it inside my head

Enjoy a few last moments of heat

before I go to bed

cuz’ I’d rather call him a policy

cuz when humans hit me….

then I get the insurance money….

99 facebook friend but they ain’t real ones

If you’re having friend problems I feel bad for you son

I got 99 facebook friends but they ain’t real ones

wish they’d just hit me

get it over with.

Now once upon a time very long ago

A chica like me had a strong arm and a hoe

not a hoe in the sense of whore

but a hoe digging up land in order to grow

I tried to stay there and continue to mow

Pray for sunlight, but some fools just love the rain

You know the type where your socks are stained

but you won’t change your socks cause you don’t fret

the only thing that’s gonna happen, my feet get more wet 

While I keep trappin’ the crayfish cause their like gold

And there I go back to the creek, don’t fold

cuz it’s back through the forest with cliffs galore

While my fake friends stay at home pop some corn

watch their tv sets, then later switch to porn

Cuz’ Paparazzi’s got the camera on all the pretty faces

until the D.A. Comes in tells em their wasted cases

half-a-mil for nothing but a body that’s fit 

All because some fool wanted his man candle lit

And she’s trying to play the man like he cares

but there ain’t nothing sweet about his nightmares

and just like him…

I got 99 facebook friends but they ain’t real ones…

if you’re having friend problems I feel bad for you son…

just hit me…

and get it over with.

Scurry With Your Nuts

I’m gonna pin those pants to your crack

so they can’t hang expose what you lack

cuz’ you make everyone nervous

hold their purse

since you look like

you should be in a Hurst

you move so fast

but your brain is slow

it dreams but has nowhere to go

the clouds are barriers in your mind

not a pillow you can use to climb

up to the sun

and you took all the fun

out of party before you arrived

then blamed everyone else left inside

walkin’ down the street drunk trying to have a conversation

but even your friend doesn’t talk to avoid escalation

you sound like a spoiled punk

who didn’t get his daddy to pay him

for doing


Sometimes you look in the mirror

your buttons up but really their down

your smile is there but really its a frown

shirt is clean but your hair looks like a clown

you got your mirrors dirty

so clean that shit and hurry

cuz’ she won’t wait

she’ll scurry

like a squirrel

with your nuts

I’m gonna take that beer chip back

cuz’ you don’t need another one

you got yours all intact

but your life reenacts

every step to the bar as if it is your past

the morning ruined when you realize you wasted cash

living in the left lane you’re going too fast

can’t slow down until you pass

that guy with everything you lack

but you always take step back

cuz the shoe is on your foot fool

don’t act like others don’t play you cool

maybe they know the jokes on you

maybe they feel some sympathy too

but kindness isn’t weakness

unless you see through the eyes of the unkind

so push play and not rewind….

Sometimes you look in the mirror

your buttons up but really their down

your smile is there but really its a frown

shirt is clean but your hair looks like a clown

you got your mirrors dirty

so clean that shit and hurry

cuz’ she won’t wait

she’ll scurry

like a squirrel

with your nuts

Why Do People Try So Hard?

         I think it is sad most people go through life experiencing a lot but a little at the same time. They think the quantity of experience is more relevant than the caliber.  I have learned hanging around the same people becomes kind of redundant unless you have an unusual connection. To hang out just to hang out is like going to the mall just to walk around. You don’t get the whole experience of life if you spend it with people who create cycles rather than doors.  Ultimately you end up closing doors on people who actually could matter because you spend free time on maintaining the same routine. Break it and buy that new routine people. If you aren’t happy, change something, anything. Find someone new to hang around, at least you tried something different. 

And when I say to people you need to meet new people they assume “going out” will do this. This is the lamest idea in society. A socially accepted way of meeting but completely unrealistic of having anything pure and real crafted out of an environment with music blasting, beer, and lack of conversation. Have you ever sat alone at a bar on purpose? I have. I sat there for a long time like an old person looking for any signs of life around me and boy did it get boring after a while. And quite depressing. You observe everything since you are not part of it. You become a reader rather than an actor. To see through people is to see truth everywhere you go. When you experience so much socially to the point where people cannot confuse or pull a fast one on you, you see common behaviors in people. They become characters in the fake story they tell you. Their eyes become like daggers and you just want the down to earth person to walk in who has the real story. A person who could talk all night because they have so much to say. Who wants the person who can do one liners and thinks of silence as humble but really it is just stupidity? Why do people feel the need to fit into social norms? Notice how people who go out all the time go out all the time in search of something. Do they really get what they want at the end of the night? Or is the next thought process what are we doing tomorrow night? Usually the second one. And in rare instances I am wrong…I have been proven wrong but if I took the ratio down you can guess what it would prove. Humans are naturally drawn into drama. It is far more difficult to avoid drama. So we must embrace it even if it sucks and learn some things can be made worse. It is up to us to make it better and not to avoid it. So next time you find yourself in a Deja Vu situation laugh at it and get your popcorn cause you know how it will end.

Rambles on Humanity

I feel like something is missing in the lives of my generation and those after me. Perhaps, it is naive to say that since humanity has been colonizing all over this planet probably since they first existed. But who am i to know the exact history at a moment when i didn’t even exist? Maybe there was a group of people who did not need to write and had seen no point in making their existence known to all mankind in the future. Perhaps, there was a time when humans lived harmoniously together because they used what the earth had to offer and did not alter natural surroundings. They did not alter rivers; they lived instead by waters which already existed before them. They did not build tunnels through mountains; they climbed the mountain or redirected their path. They did not use GPS; they used the stars. They did not create transportation depending upon fossil fuels; they used animals or their own feet to travel. They did not see the point in owning all the land they could have; they respected and shared the land, living as nomads and enjoying the changing scenery. Enjoying life, never staying in one place for a long time but at the same time feeling safe enough to wander. What if we strip down all the buildings? What if we decided to close down highways? What if there was nothing but water, trees, deserts, land? What if we really had nothing to depend on but the earth? Humanity needs to realize the consequences we are dodging when we create the unnatural from the natural. The way surroundings help create perceptions on life. If one sees a skyscraper they admire the object as one created by man not the earth. We have become self absorbed people clinging onto a downward spiral we created and avoiding consequence. I admit it is difficult to accept your actions could effect the next generation or more importantly the earth. We are naturally inclined towards denying the conscious mind in a conscious moment. We want to think our actions are ours and have no effects but what we want is not what we created. “Man will be what he planned to be. Not what he will want to be.”-Jean-Paul Sartre

The Runaway

Everyone becomes one of the same…

and we all sit around and complain as if no one is listening

but the ruckus has already been heard for way too long

The voice no longer complements but ruins the song

The words become judgments and nothing is learned…

Trapping the listener on a page that cannot be turned..

While we all know…

It could have been turned into any glorified story

if the mind wandered far enough..

but not too far from daily activities

as if it decided to walk into the woods

then return for dinner casually…

I sit and wonder why we all try so hard

to find something we have all along

to prove something that exists already

to taste the sour kiss of the familiar again

unable to comprehend it’s all the same my friend…


I just want to swim away

make my own bed to lay

find the mind that wont let me stray

live and breathe every last day…


Everyone becomes one of the same…

a memory and I don’t want to complain

make it seem like everything is lame

when the next interstate I cross could bring own a whole new destination….

but I have this dedication

to those whose words are left unspoken

to those who hurt and cannot mend what has been broken

never give up on the life you have chosen

for your tears will become frozen

the hourglass will empty its sand

and time will become nothing but the hand

of a clock…


I just want to find a random road to take…

fill my tank and call this a chance to make….

my ambitions come alive

embrace reality and try not hide..

who I am

Forgotten or Remembered?

Hold me for awhile

I feel like a battered animal

Found on the side of the road

Left to the forces of nature

Left to be forgotten

Left perhaps for the one person out of hundreds

Who will stop to check my breath

It either one or the other in this world

The worst or the best from a bad situation

I know this too well

This familiar feeling creeping its way in on me

The familiar light spinning all around me

Creating a kind of depth I cannot make sense of

But enjoy trying to

But would enjoy trying to with someone

Who could matter

Who could save me from the road

Could save me from my own nature

Could bind me to them from my feet to my face

Could show me the world is still the same

Show me I just grew tired of the same ol stuff

Sitting in the same ol place

So I pushed everything into different spots

creating the illusion I now cannot ignore

but he will make me see it is all the same…

and find comfort in knowing no matter how much

The mind sees things as rearranged

The negative of the image still exists…


Finally Belong

I’m sailing in a sea of hopelessness

as the devil grants god one last breath of air

all secrets are eroded away

to nothing

our destiny alone in the palm of our hand

cuz’ we can’t comprehend everything re-invents itself through man

And I don’t understand why we choose this life..

it’s like eating the bark

leaving the fruit

not thinking twice

forcing a knife

to carve a tree with strife

I’m wandering in a forest, free of footsteps

as the devil grants god to walk across it

all the flowers are stepped on

all the rarest animals are hunted

till there is nothing heard

but the flutter of a butterfly

it’s mother natures faint cry

And I don’t understand why we chose this life

it’s like eating the bark

leaving the fruit

not thinking twice

forcing a knife

to carve a tree with strife

Dying in my once haven

as the devil grants god to show his light

all of my sight is smoldered away

skin is budded a crimson may

there is nothing left but rotting decay

forcing me back on yesterday

to decipher why my life led this way

On the ground I lay,

living day by day, easily unable to runaway

from myself…

I finally belong.

Desire Controls the Heart

Although my eyes do not seek

Although my heart has turned bleak….

I will take the world away

for just once glance of purity…

a sickening sweet taste of love…

Although my seas are calm…

and steady breezes only come along…

I will roll in the clouds…

feel the rain upon my palms…

know its better…

than nothing….

nothing at all.

desire controls the heart at difference…


And although my face lost its color…

my soul feels the need to wander…

I will anchor my ship

to find the better half of me thrown overboard…

clenched by the movements of the sea

And Although…

Although…I have nothing left….

I will progress

to the treasure of love.

desire controls the heart at difference…

at difference

Waiting for the Knight

Waiting on a dark road

My lights turned off

I am waiting for a deal with the devil

Trying to sell my soul for a moment with a savior

Trying to avoid the crevices in the road

As crimson flames embark on the surface

Reminding me I am moments away from a fiery demise

And then I see his eyes

Like headlights they blind my path

Blind my perception of the world as an inevitable apocalypse

Making me question everything before this moment

When all darkness turned into light…

When all sadness turned into triumph



His eyes disintegrate time into nothing but the sand in an hourglass

As I am hoping the meantime goes fast

Knowing I could wait forever for you….


Waiting on the same ol’ dark road

My lights now turned on

I am waiting for a deal with the man in fine armor

Trying to sell my soul for the moment when his shield lies upon the ground

Trying to see beyond the protective layer he so diligently maintains

As all the battle wounds become exposed like the flames

Beneath his feet

And then I see his eyes

Like two northern stars they project light upon the universe

My universe

Blinding me from the inevitable apocalypse

Making me free from the future and past

As his armor drops around his feet

As his horse wanders off into the street

As if looking for the same kind of salvation his master finds

When his eyes meet

The woman with eyes like a serpent

But the smile of a child…


And His eyes disintegrate time into nothing but the sand in an


As I am hoping the meantime goes fast

I know I could wait forever for you

Traveling the same dark road

Making a deal with the devil

For just a glimpse into his eyes.