Lifeless Ghouls

Think you’re getting the last laugh

When as long as you hate me

The jokes on you

Came around again to see if I’m a fool

I stared straight ahead

Playing it cool

Nothing to say to you

Go take your lack of change

Clean your suit

Save yourself

Or the universe will give you the boot?

Like you did to me, fool

Imagine being thrown out

Not knowing what to do

In such a state of shock

You didn’t know your own bone was broken in two

With your skin turning blue

So much unnecessary suffering

You know it’s true


It will find you in your dreams

Cracked your ego with your own tool

Just a sad soul

Living in a fantasy version of reality

Trying to run away from all the fallacies

At a low vibrational high school community monstrosity

Staggering around like lifeless ghouls


Think you’re winning some competition

When as long as your competing with everyone else

The trophies not for you

Came around again to see if I’m still on the pavement

But I’m staring at the cracks in the cement

Finding the flower growing amidst

The chaos that ensued

So go take your already wilting bouquet

Endless mind games with wordplay

I’m down here finding the people

Who want to stay away

From the people who enslave their next day.


      She had a heart of gold but you all painted her as the monster to avoid the truth, painful reality, accountability, and necessary introspection. She’s been dragging a black bag full of your insults, distorted realities, and diluted introspections around for years. Beating herself up inside until it all became clear.

Cripple. No one will ever want you. I just want you to have my children.
You’re stupid. You’re crazy. You’re entitled. You’re cumbersome. Gold digger. Lazy. You’re nothing without me. You don’t appreciate anything.

      It played inside her mind over and over again until she decided no, I am not any of these things. None of these people actually cared enough to know me, love me, or accept me. They were essentially throwing insults at a stranger. Throwing rocks from a glass house that was breaking beneath their feet. She was the target, running back and forth, trying to avoid the shattered glass while repairing the windows.
     But you know what? At least she was able to introspect, see what she needed to change in herself. No healthy boundaries, low self-esteem, no self-worth,  bad coping habits, and an inability to stand up for herself. This cocktail was the perfect concoction to attract the broken people in this world.
     So you were all right in a way, I needed to change some things about myself, but a lot of this was a reaction to toxicity around me. No one deserves to be used, belittled, kicked when they’re down. No one. No one deserves to be a stranger in their relationship, used like a piece of flesh then tossed away afterwards. No one deserves to be abandoned at a time of need, and left out in the cold. No one deserves to feel like nothing because they are struggling with health issues. No one deserves to be treated like creature rather than human. So I ask these people or those doing this to others, to please have the courage to face your own demons. No one has to suffer, including yourself. Please choose the light, happiness, love, and compassionate side in this world. Even after everything that has been done to me, I just want peace. Thank you.



         I think a dream was meant for me to have and as scary as it was, I’m glad it happened. Sometimes people will say your dreams aren’t meant to be interpreted, but I beg to differ. It felt so real, I have been trying to understand it for days now.
        In this dream, I woke up to the sound of creepy scratching on my door. At first, I just stood there staring at the door thinking it wasn’t happening. Thinking it was the result of an overactive imagination. As it grew louder, my fear started to transform into anger that this was happening. How dare something invades my space in this manner?! I thought as I glanced through the peephole. It was some kind of demonic creature, staring back at me. I fell to the ground, crying and terrified, gripping my heart. Then a rage grew up inside of me, and the question asked was: am I going to lie here forever in fear? I swung the door open and stared right back at it. For a moment I saw all its darkness as it cowered. The creature howled then turned into a pile of ash at my feet.
    Other doors swung open and as I looked up, my neighbors were applauding. I once again fell over in exhaustion but they were all around me. Someone was holding up my back, while another poured water down my throat. I cried, hugged them all, and rejoiced some kind of victory. I saw light everywhere, it creeped up the hallway until it touched my cheek. I cried and instead of wiping my tears, they let me respond to a battle that almost left me with nothing.
        I think this dream was about overcoming narcissistic abuse. The questioning of scratching on my door is a representation of fighting gaslighting. Fighting your way back into trusting your perceptions are real and valid. Trusting that there are people out there who will attempt to make you believe your intuition is incorrect in order to gain control. My reluctance to face this reality because of the immense heartbreak it causes was me falling to the ground. The rage was me finally facing the fact I didn’t deserve to be treated so poorly and regaining a sense of self-worth. The creature turning into dust was no longer accepting responsibility for the abuse. No longer letting society victim-blame me or make me feel as if I have to tear myself apart to find a way to not fall into the traps vulnerable people are lured into. Those around me applauding are the people I will inspire to never accept this into their life because no one, and I mean no one deserves to be treated in such an inhumane manner. The people helping me showed me that if I help them, they will be there when I grow weary. This has been my story the last year. I am safe, loved, and equipped with the knowledge to help others. We all struggle, maybe transform without even realizing it, but when the smoke and mirrors clear our purpose is exposed. I have always asked why this happened to me, but I see now in asking that question I found an answer: to help others heal. To fight against the darkness that attempts to destroy the light in this world.

I’m Someone Else

I loved you so much

Loved you until I almost turned to dust

And now my days are a haze

While you stay trapped in your maze

I don’t know why it had to be this way

Why you couldn’t be nice so I’d stay

I don’t know why you believe what they say

I don’t know why you live at night

Rather than day

I don’t why you pushed me so close

Then far away


Couldn’t watch you destroy yourself

Couldn’t be put on a shelf

Tried to save you sacrificing myself

My heart is still broken

But now I’m someone else


I loved you so much

Loved you until I lost my health

And now my days are filled with pain

While you have no love to gain

I don’t know why you chose the insane

Why you couldn’t see where to place blame

I don’t know why you wanted to tame

All of me down like it was some kind of game

Always some kind of game.

Standing on the Ashes

At night time

My eyes are blind

It smells like turpentine

Through my senses

I lost you to your glass of wine

Bottle of pills a sign

You were running from time

I cried silently

My heart in a bind

I saw a little boy

Who needed a stable mind


I forgive you

But I’ll forget you

Standing on the ashes

Of all your cigarettes

Standing on the glass

Of all your shots, I bet

All the time you spent

Running away

Will never erase the day

I left

I left


During the daytime

I open my eyes

It smells like sunshine

Through my senses

I lost you but I’m no longer second

Searching for my own piece of heaven

Only needing myself to beckon

I smile openly

My heart is here with me

No longer a little girl

Who needed a little boy to see

Why she had to leave him be

Live in his own fantasy

So she could create reality

Create a new reality.

Erosion then Freedom

There was a time when everything was a blur. As if everything was no longer her choice and she lied upon the floor waiting to be torn down by a man who had no soul. And the world would say “just leaveas if it was that simple. As if she came from a privileged enough state to do so. Those two words would echo in her head until she realized she was surrounded by those who couldn’t fathom what it was like to be trapped. Trapped between floorboards, forgotten, scratching for a way out; like a little mouse who was considered a nuisance. Then finally she broke free, but was fooled once again with a counterfeit kind of freedom offered by another soulless man. A man who saw her misfortune as an opportunity to erode her to what he wanted: a doll with no soul.

He made her feel used, unwanted, and cumbersome. And if he ever apologized, the room felt even colder with its insincerity. There was nothing there but darkness. The kind that could devour any strong soul and take out its spine. But even with her broken feet, she fought to keep a part of herself alive. She fought to keep her bones intact: literally and figuratively.

She rose out of the shackles, scars and all, like none of it mattered. Why? Because it didn’t mean a thing to him. And as crushing as it was to come to that realization, it was her ticket to real love and freedom. He fell in love with her shell while she feel in love with the person he made up inside his head. He thought she was dumb enough to fall for it forever, but the book was written too many times on her before. She looks back on it as if he crafted a story, then as she read all the lines, the binding fell apart. It fell on the ground below, was drenched then eroded away to nothing until she was set free.

And now the sun gleams through in the morning to remind her there are breaks from the shadows that haunt her memories. There will always be her light against the dark, against the crafted illusions of others and if she spreads her wings she can see the angelic faces in this world. And how triumphant it feels to escape the grasp of darkness and find a reason to love yourself again. How empowering it is to be able to live like a free woman once again.

God Have Mercy

Took what wasn’t yours

Now I’ll take what’s mine

Standing on a tightrope it feels

While trying to see beautiful skies

And I know you can’t live with what you’ve done

It’s fighting inside your head

In a battle that can’t be won

I hope it tortures your soul

Like it did to mine

Because I’ll never forgive that kind of unkind


I hope God shows mercy upon your soul

Then sends it to the fire below

Sends it to the fire below


Try to take what you think is yours

I’ll guard what’s mine behind closed doors

Even though I’m broken & sore

Standing on a pile of embers

While you try to keep score

I know you won’t last with your own thoughts

It’s devouring your head

Forming untangible knots

I hope it tortures your soul

Like it did to mine

Because I’ll never forgive that kind of unkind


I hope God shows mercy upon your soul

Then sends it to the fire below

Sends it to the fire below

Toxic Positivity and Illness

When you become sick you realize who your true friends and family are. It’s extremely isolating at times but also can be a way to transcend on your own. And when you go from literally crawling like I did on bruised knees to any kind of improvement you sort of feel like a superhero. It’s empowering to go through your own trials alone.

One thing for sure, people who have not experienced a major health crisis or chronic illness can be the most frustrating to deal with. They believe a positive attitude is like a magical pill to wellness. Yes, it doesn’t help to be depressed but some days it is a normal reaction to suffering. I think this relates to a thing I like to call toxic positivity culture. Why as a society have we determined normal emotions as a disorder? Or generally speaking as something wrong with the person? They could be responding to life events, trauma, suffering, and something you don’t even acknowledge. But why are people expected to wear a smile all the time or live in isolation? Phrases like “good vibes only” really tick me off. And I’ve found those who live behind a facade of only positive emotions eventually succumb to the inevitable negative emotions. Why? Because it’s human. There is no need to feel shame about it.

Are all songs, all artists, all cultures a happy pop like anthem? No. But we admire it all because it showcases the human condition. It’s relatable, makes us feel less guilt for not achieving this kind of perfected toxic positivity I see everywhere.

People should not try to be defined by cliche quotes on timelines. Nor should they seek validation from those who have such unattainable expectations that do not exist in reality. The truth can be unkind, painful, just like an illness but if it’s not faced it can lead to consequences like mental health crises, suicide, and a guilt induced state of mind. No one is perfect every week like the image they try to attain. No one is always smiling. So remember when you feel guilt for not fitting into the toxic positivity culture, there are others who don’t as well. And it takes courage to sit and face darkness rather than live in denial of it. ❤


You’re always

Always (puttin’ your shiii on me)

Always, always are (puttin’ your shiii on me)


Must be nice to

Have someone to blame for you

Must be a nice thing to do

Have someone to break in two

Escape your own faults for a few

Gaslit me until I was blue

While you were already untrue

And I’ll never say I do

So go pawn the ring you fool

Sit on your same bar stool

You decided to be everyone’s tool

Turn against me, be cruel

Party like it’s still high school

Still taking life tests in a vestibule

But really reduced to a molecule

For living by immoral rules


You’re always

Always (puttin’ your shiii on me)

Always, always are (puttin’ your shiii on me)


Must be nice to

Shell out all that ridicule

Must be a nice thing to do

Have someone to demean for a few

But now who’s in a whirlpool

Eyes so dark, looking like a ghoul

Fall asleep with bar skanks and drool

Wake up without your jewel

Singing all her songs you said were uncool

Told you one day I’d strengthen up

Ready for a duel

Never going to play by your rules

Never going to be your fuel

You can’t hold down anyone

Jokes on you

Haha, jokes on you.

Pain, Trust, then Faith

I’ve been trying to process all this. All the years of torment I suffered at the hands of disingenuous men. It crashes into my sleep like waves, bringing in nightmares, leaving pieces of what puzzles I try to solve. Why? Is the question I always end up asking? Why treat someone so badly they end up afraid of every noise, dark corner, and life itself? Why? Were these characters that insecure I would leave they had to demean me to get me to stay? There’s no logic there. Was it revenge? I will never have answers and you know what? That’s okay. I know there are others out there with unanswered questions and genuine hearts.

All I have is fragments sometimes. A fragmented mind, body and memory that can’t even process all the past. And the aftermath will be part of my life for a while until my mind decides I can handle another piece of the puzzle. What did I do to deserve to be left in pieces? I don’t want any sympathy and i know it may seem that way but I just want to understand. I just want to grow from my mistakes, set healthy boundaries, and see red flags when they are waving. I have looked back and realized in some ways I’d given away my power by reacting. I won’t make that mistake again in the future or give someone the upper hand by going on the defense. I’ll just walk away knowing some battles are better off not fought. It’s a hard pill to swallow but your energy is sacred and deserves to be put towards a beautiful destiny.

And I’m not going to lie. It isn’t easy on certain days. Especially when I’m trying so hard to trust people again but all I find is pain sometimes. Pain that happens for no good reason so I sit alone and introspect, refuel then try to find a way to have faith again. But that’s when it usually hits me: I won the battle by myself. For no one, no matter how much pain they caused, can take away my faith in the end. I still want to recognize the good people in this world, no matter what has happened. No one will ever take that away from me. ❤