Some Foodies I Make



Newmans Strawberry Lemonade, blueberries, banana and a lot of ice all in a blender = 0713151035Chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, spring mix, peppers, and cajun spice= Yummy Salad0228151341d

Chocolate Chips Cookie Muffins- What happens when you hate your cookie pans.

0324152126b 0315151232c When you buy new cookie pans……0315151235c

Tuna melts with Ched jack cheese….mmmm hmmmm1426471093365

Red skin potatoes, chooped and sauteed with garlic and parsley in a pan…Green beans…chicken….cookies…enough said…

Mini Burritos….1427156674511 1427157096172

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