The Swagger of Ten Thousand Men

He came along in an instant

He had the swagger of ten thousand men,

but he was really a freight train

ready to plow over anyone he couldn’t command….

He said he bought you flowers,

when really it was months ago

and now their bent somewhere in  a garbage dump

and don’t even matter to you anymore…


Cuz’ all the flowers in the world

couldn’t bring back the potential good days…

all the flowers in the world..

couldn’t have freed me from the maze…

you created inside my mind…


He came alone in an instant…

He had the face an angel could love

but it was really just a painted on mask…

disguising all the hate he burrowed and called love….

He said he’d be the best thing you would ever have….

But as he left, the sun rose up in the clouds…

And you could sleep peacefully for hours….


Cuz’ all the sleepless nights

Can’t bring back sleeping throughout the day…

all the sleepless nights

Couldn’t have freed you from being drained…

by his somber presence…

Felt miles away..

So somber, even the doves flew away…





The King of My Skies

Eyes meet

tastefully sweet

tongue speaks

and its all complete

baby you make me show teeth

and I hate doing that too much

looks kinda fake but with you

its like a piece of cake

and I want to put sprinkles on you

lick each one with my the tip of my tongue

I want to kiss your ear while your drivin’

cuz’ I know I am the only one

who can make the temperature rise

windows fog and have pride in being your woman

leaving all other men stranded at the roadside…

as we drive by watching the bad get it good

everything in the past is understood

I broke free when I took flight

in my automobile and drove that night

unknowing if I would leave with blood on my sleeve

or unable to leave your side in complete sincerity…

questioning why I am so crazy

to trust a voice

not a face

but it was the best jump I took

cuz now you cannot be reaplaced

cuz I can look into your eyes…

see the inner turmoil caused by other people’s lies…

have respect cuz you still came out of it wise

enough to see love in disguise

and I hope you will be the king of my blue skies.