The Runaway

Everyone becomes one of the same…

and we all sit around and complain as if no one is listening

but the ruckus has already been heard for way too long

The voice no longer complements but ruins the song

The words become judgments and nothing is learned…

Trapping the listener on a page that cannot be turned..

While we all know…

It could have been turned into any glorified story

if the mind wandered far enough..

but not too far from daily activities

as if it decided to walk into the woods

then return for dinner casually…

I sit and wonder why we all try so hard

to find something we have all along

to prove something that exists already

to taste the sour kiss of the familiar again

unable to comprehend it’s all the same my friend…


I just want to swim away

make my own bed to lay

find the mind that wont let me stray

live and breathe every last day…


Everyone becomes one of the same…

a memory and I don’t want to complain

make it seem like everything is lame

when the next interstate I cross could bring own a whole new destination….

but I have this dedication

to those whose words are left unspoken

to those who hurt and cannot mend what has been broken

never give up on the life you have chosen

for your tears will become frozen

the hourglass will empty its sand

and time will become nothing but the hand

of a clock…


I just want to find a random road to take…

fill my tank and call this a chance to make….

my ambitions come alive

embrace reality and try not hide..

who I am

Decoding the High End Demand

Everyone’s a musician

Everyone is a string and hand

Everyone’s a photographer

Everyone is in command

with the high end demand

eyes shut motionless as the words

shun away from the band

no instrument could tune into

what I hear inside my head

Feet stomping over the clefs

playing over the frets

forcing a symbolic death to the history

we all forgot a long time ago

thinking reinvention is the mind’s goal

detaching from the book bindings of those before

who decoded the sounds

created the art we can only hope to ignore

in this world where…

Everyone’s a musician

Everyone is a string and hand

Everyone’s their photographer

Everyone thinks their in command.

I’m Just One

Parents gone….

and I’m all alone…

sitting here for months…

decaying scar tissue and bone…

They left me here all in the dark….

no path, no guidance,

and no key for my heart…..

No protection, no logic,

no past, no eyes,

no future, no base,

and they’re in disguise….

they’re no parents….

no help.. no light…


their just teens themselves…

avoiding reconstructing.

I’m just one…

floating around with the sun…

hoping to catch a ray of fun..

feeling as if don’t have anyone…

I’m just one

floating around with the sun..

hoping to leave happily as the day is done

feeling as if the sky has become….

a fallacy

Parents gone..

And I’m all alone..

it’s every teens dream…

but I wish I had a home….

everything I’d need….

money, food,

love, and my keys….

oh please oh please

lay it out in front of me, incorporating my dreams….

I’m just one

floating around with the sun

hoping to catch a ray of fun..

feeling as if I don’t have anyone.

Yea I’m just one

floating around with the sun

blinding my eyes

cuz’ from the past I run

the darkness is done

day is won

I’m complete…

There’s no need for anyone

The King of My Skies

Eyes meet

tastefully sweet

tongue speaks

and its all complete

baby you make me show teeth

and I hate doing that too much

looks kinda fake but with you

its like a piece of cake

and I want to put sprinkles on you

lick each one with my the tip of my tongue

I want to kiss your ear while your drivin’

cuz’ I know I am the only one

who can make the temperature rise

windows fog and have pride in being your woman

leaving all other men stranded at the roadside…

as we drive by watching the bad get it good

everything in the past is understood

I broke free when I took flight

in my automobile and drove that night

unknowing if I would leave with blood on my sleeve

or unable to leave your side in complete sincerity…

questioning why I am so crazy

to trust a voice

not a face

but it was the best jump I took

cuz now you cannot be reaplaced

cuz I can look into your eyes…

see the inner turmoil caused by other people’s lies…

have respect cuz you still came out of it wise

enough to see love in disguise

and I hope you will be the king of my blue skies.