My Thoughts on Chris Cornell’s Death

Although many are already concluding his death was a suicide, suicide in my eyes is an intentional act to harm oneself and I believe there is more to Chris Cornell’s death. Some questions need to be asked about pharmaceuticals being safe enough to be on the market already. I understand there are procedures and policies in place, but I think the standards need to be raised. More research needs to be done before these drugs are spun off into the public’s hands in my opinion. We have yet to truly understand the human brain, so how can it be possible to treat ailments we know nothing about? It is not possible and it is just a guessing game. But why? More funding needs to be put towards research. Less lives would be lost and not subject to this sort of socially engineered guinea pig construction.

Chris Cornell had taken Ativan before his death. An anti anxiety drug. I can only speculate if he had taken too much or perhaps mixed it with alcohol.  My question is: If alcohol is legal, and even a sip of it combined with certain medications (especially anxiety medications) can be lethal, then why are these being prescribed so often? Think about how many people consume alcohol and might have a medication that could interact with it, unknowingly or knowingly? I bet if a study was done on this in detail, it would be alarming.  What if it was not intentional that he harmed himself?  What if he was completely blacked out? How much alcohol was consumed (if any) and mgs of ativan in his system? Would just an overdose of Ativan cause suicidal thought and/or tendencies? This might be an uncomfortable subject for some out there, but this has to be addressed at the possible root causes? I do not simply believe a man with a beautiful wife and two beautiful children, suddenly has a downward spiral in one night and chemistry has absolutely nothing to do with it? Even if it was his own hand that put on the band, was it his own will? Think about the question. It might be troubling but we need to research and develop lower risk treatments so people do not end up tragedies. There are too many brilliant minds that now have no voice, who just wanted help.

A Look Into the Milo Situation

I have been aware of Milo Yiannopoulos for quite some time. Intrigued by his confidence, fearlessness, and intelligence. He had a direct voice and said everything everyone wished they could say, but didn’t have the words to as effectively. You can tell he is a very unusual person, that does not come around often but his voice needed to be here. People were afraid to speak up about political opinions. People like Milo did give a voice to the voiceless.

That is why I do not think Milo is a bad person. He could have stepped away and left the movement completely without his voice. But he didn’t. The problem is people tend to think because Milo is in the spotlight he is this sort of superhuman, capable of upholding his strength in every situation. What we witnessed of Milo trying to explain how his abuse taught him how to be sexually proficient, is a victim trying to protect themselves from reoccurring trauma. Perhaps, you think it is cowardly. You have a right to think so. Maybe you feel sorry for him. You have a right to think so. But overall this brings up some interesting questions.

Boys tend to hit puberty later than girls so if pedophilia is having sexual urges towards children that have not yet hit puberty, then boys that are taken advantage of very young are more likely to have not reached sexual maturity. Therefore, there is a flaw in his stance.And I would go further to say it isn’t even that black and white. States define legal adults differently across the country.

The fact is any adult who takes advantage of someone who is not yet a legal adult is not a moral, healthy, and beneficial member of society. Simple. Unless the entire country can agree on one age which would be considered a legal adult nationwide, pedophilia will continue to be based upon which state you reside in. Unfortunately I think this leads to confusion on the matter. Some are convicted while others are not. Perhaps, coming up with a general consensus of what is a legal adult nationwide could help define laws more specifically and make things like social security, IRS run a bit smoother as well.

I believe Milo is sadly a victim. How could he possibly know what he wants sexually at thirteen years of age? Most kids are developing interests, hobbies, and thinking about their future. It is not biologically possible nor psychologically possible to comprehend abuse at that age.

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where even the strong have some weak spots in their armor. Everyone has a different way of coping when it comes to reacting to uncomfortable questions.

So is it okay to use humor to hinder the effect of trauma? Use your own moral compass. Is that considered denial? The only person who truly knows that answer is Milo himself. If he is content with his lifestyle choice, then he is content. If not, he needs to figure out why.

His comments suggest to me, he may have some personal issues to deal with or perhaps he has developed a coping mechanism. Regardless, I suggest people read the entire transcript before reacting. Then draw your own conclusions.