Smile Without a Cause

Your eyes reminded me of someone

now changed but once an awful man

he thought he could control his woman

but tying her up with verbal commands

but that man went crazy

brought a knife to a no gun fight

layers of rope and he broke

when he saw he lost his child’s hope

tore the world open

to expose all the lies

now he cries

knowing all that is left inside

is nothing but hate…

I try to create an image to replace

the horrible fate

he even had to contemplate

like there was a decision

when innocence exists

hold your child’s hands

cuz it might bring back the hope


a child’s eyes are like sun

and he rolled in the clouds

since someone had sinned…

But is the anger ok?

Maybe for one day

maybe for a month

but not for a year

how many tears dropped

to get to mars?

how could you walk away

instead of get rid of the scars?

Your eyes reminded me of someone

once above them

floating above the clouds looking down

now your mind is broken

all maimed inside

you want to know pain

take a peak in my head

most people would have given up

played fucking dead…

but I stray along with a smile on my face

nothing can break me

not you

not this

it already happened twenty years ago

when the summer left

along with my false bliss

but all i ever wanted

was someone to know

they can’t break me down

when I never had anywhere to go…

so I burn like a star

still bright but scarred.



I’m Just One

Parents gone….

and I’m all alone…

sitting here for months…

decaying scar tissue and bone…

They left me here all in the dark….

no path, no guidance,

and no key for my heart…..

No protection, no logic,

no past, no eyes,

no future, no base,

and they’re in disguise….

they’re no parents….

no help.. no light…


their just teens themselves…

avoiding reconstructing.

I’m just one…

floating around with the sun…

hoping to catch a ray of fun..

feeling as if don’t have anyone…

I’m just one

floating around with the sun..

hoping to leave happily as the day is done

feeling as if the sky has become….

a fallacy

Parents gone..

And I’m all alone..

it’s every teens dream…

but I wish I had a home….

everything I’d need….

money, food,

love, and my keys….

oh please oh please

lay it out in front of me, incorporating my dreams….

I’m just one

floating around with the sun

hoping to catch a ray of fun..

feeling as if I don’t have anyone.

Yea I’m just one

floating around with the sun

blinding my eyes

cuz’ from the past I run

the darkness is done

day is won

I’m complete…

There’s no need for anyone