Turned to Stone

All my lovers turned black

Lost their way, never coming back

Turned from love, left me intact

Two bruised limbs, but not in lack

Started crawling on floors, now an upright act

Kept my dignity, while attacked

Haunting your dreams, truth is fact

Nothing can change, your odds are stacked


How are you all so blind to not see?

What you’ve done creates your reality

Can’t be undone, must pay the karmic fee

Look in the mirror, you’re your own enemy


All my lovers turned black

Lost their way, never coming back

Turned to stone, just like an artifact

Lifeless pupils, avoiding eye contact

My stitches and broke bones, all counteract

The stories you’ve told, being matter of fact

My voice is pure, demons react

You’ve all lost your way, don’t come back.

Don’t Hear You

I don’t hear you, your toxicity

Go waste your time, not my energy

Put me down so many times I see

Come back around with an apology

I don’t forget, I’ll forgive but your words aren’t meant

Better bend down and repent

For everything you’ve done will be exposed

It’s my destiny, why I’ve been sent


Hold on, holding on

Staying strong

While you vultures wait on my lawn

Not realizing you’re your own pawn


I don’t hear you, just so see through

Go waste your own space, it’s not my hate

Put me down for too long

Twenty years of feeling like a hunted fawn

I don’t forget, don’t suggest your drug cocktails of s*it

My minds unbreakable, physically a bit unstable

But I’ll guide you right back to the stable

Better realize you came for the wrong one, I’m capable

Of ending your freedom, noose it up on a cable

That was meant for me

Oh, it was meant for me.