Some Sugar

I’m gonna

Slap that bottom lip

into your nostrils

cuz’ your nose is so high

I cannot see the top of it

or maybe its because

I am too short…

Either way,

It isn’t looking good…..

for you…

but I love me….

so here’s a little rap for thee…

since he’s got all the partridges in the mother-fn tree…

I say

give me some sugar

something nice and sweet

give me a little icing upon my cheek

but your not thinking of a cupcake

just like me….

you’re still thinking of somethin’ else

cuz’ it’s all about thee

not me

I sit around all fake and merry

playing betty crocker

but I am wishing I was a fairy

so I could fly the fuck

outta this town

where none of you can judge me…

cuz’ I’m all smiling

laying jokes

while you all bitch around me…

trying to take my sun

but the problem is

I embrace the moon

and the rhythm of my heart

doesn’t always

skip to the same damn tune….

I say

give me some sugar

something nice and sweet

give me a little icing upon my cheek

but your not thinking of a cupcake

just like me….

you’re still thinking of somethin’ else

cuz’ it’s all about thee

not me, never me…

I’m gonna make you

drown in your own ego

I’m gonna make you frown

until your need slows…

cuz’ you have a big head

and a small neck

there are references to it

a thousand years back

but apparently you didn’t get the memo

it wasn’t forwarded to your inbox

it was on a piece of paper

but to you reading

is like fort Knox..

oh, you’re so intellectual

yet your brain feels  so locked….

oh, you’re so confident….

yet you have to rip someone else apart..

I saw Shawshank Redemption

and you’re not so smart….

I saw where you came from…

and it wasn’t like a fine piece of art…

and I know it was then not now

but you cannot fully forget your past

without losing your sight of your future somehow…

both go hand in hand

like water is to air…

to avoid one or the other

leads everyone to despair…

so don’t forget the ones who always cared…

let the ego drop

on down by your side

take that pride and shove it all inside…

you have nothing to prove

we all have told the truth and lied….

so give me some sugar…

somethin’ sweet.


You Were Nothing Like Me

You were nothing like me

like God created women and man

you created me out of the epitome

of your own sorrow

so you could borrow

my soul

only to leave it blackened

but still burning like a pile of cinders

beneath your feet

you will drop down to your knees

as the sparks fly into the sky

and away from the lie

you created out of yourself…

There is no way to extinguish

my pain

the memories will become clearer

as I gain

a kind of sanity

you blocked from my reality

the time lost

will become well spent

cuz’ never will I repent my sins

to a man who avoids his….

never will I give my soul

to a man who cannot give his…

never will I bind myself up

and not call it was it is…

a game of betrayal…

with a unsincere kiss.

Backwoods Driving

Roll them down

the glass is too dirty

from all the times you pressed your face against them

the cold to hard to embrace…

but now a 50 degree day is magic

no weather can keep my windows up

and unopen to the sounds

no rain can make a frown…

cuz’ I was left behind

hiding along the blinds….

Caressing the string to open them

into the depths in of my unconscious mind


how did it come to this?

Through illusions

and misfortunes

broken bones and dead end corners…

then back around again

the same streets over…

same windows down

but I never pulled over…

Hit the gas…

the road is your duty…

all the times you went the wrong way…

has held you down with fury…

but don’t you worry…

there should be no fear in discovery…

for your heart was all binded up

and now has a chance for recovery…

How did it come to this?

Through sullen and puffy eyes…

How did I survive all this?

Cuz’ my heart is still alive.


Mending Our Generation

Living in a dream

It seems…

I did everything they wanted

And I still do not know

Who it was for…

Are they beneath the ground?

Or above the clouds?

Are they hidden?

Or trying not to be found?

I think they dug a hole

Like animals…

Reproduced within all their comforts…

And left the fallen to work above their lairs…

I just want an answer

Even if it doesn’t make me free

I just want an answer

Someone to see

The pain greed creates

The flight then fall

I anticipate

Every time I wake….

Living a scheme

It seems…

I have fallen

With the lost and forgotten

Trying to find the nail for my own coffin

They had the money to buy

And the money to break me into…

I just want an answer…

Even if it doesn’t offer peace

I just want to stare into the face

Of those responsible for the mistakes

Our generation has to mend…

The Pebble Roll

There is nothing surprising me anymore

I feel like I am glued to my headboard

Dreams of far away places

I will never see

Cascading down the slope I created in my life

Like a pebble down a hill

I feel as if the force of life

Has granted me some time off



Then solitude


In search of something I lost a long time ago…

Perhaps My ability to imagine anything

To dream of pirate ships

Of castles bombarded by trees pressing upon their gates

Of a garden the size of a country all to myself

Of a world much different than this…

And I am torn between my imagination

And the state we call reality…

And When I wake up

There is nothing in this world

I cannot see

Cannot dream

I see faces in trees

Clouds smiling upon me

River and streams

Flowing into a fantasy world

All within the depths of my mind…

So Maybe I am suppose to roll

Like a pebble down a hill

Shifting between solitude


Solitude then


In search of the mind I once had as a child.

Finally Belong

I’m sailing in a sea of hopelessness

as the devil grants god one last breath of air

all secrets are eroded away

to nothing

our destiny alone in the palm of our hand

cuz’ we can’t comprehend everything re-invents itself through man

And I don’t understand why we choose this life..

it’s like eating the bark

leaving the fruit

not thinking twice

forcing a knife

to carve a tree with strife

I’m wandering in a forest, free of footsteps

as the devil grants god to walk across it

all the flowers are stepped on

all the rarest animals are hunted

till there is nothing heard

but the flutter of a butterfly

it’s mother natures faint cry

And I don’t understand why we chose this life

it’s like eating the bark

leaving the fruit

not thinking twice

forcing a knife

to carve a tree with strife

Dying in my once haven

as the devil grants god to show his light

all of my sight is smoldered away

skin is budded a crimson may

there is nothing left but rotting decay

forcing me back on yesterday

to decipher why my life led this way

On the ground I lay,

living day by day, easily unable to runaway

from myself…

I finally belong.

Desire Controls the Heart

Although my eyes do not seek

Although my heart has turned bleak….

I will take the world away

for just once glance of purity…

a sickening sweet taste of love…

Although my seas are calm…

and steady breezes only come along…

I will roll in the clouds…

feel the rain upon my palms…

know its better…

than nothing….

nothing at all.

desire controls the heart at difference…


And although my face lost its color…

my soul feels the need to wander…

I will anchor my ship

to find the better half of me thrown overboard…

clenched by the movements of the sea

And Although…

Although…I have nothing left….

I will progress

to the treasure of love.

desire controls the heart at difference…

at difference