Free Thought

This new wave misandry running rampant in our society is a testament to how important free thought truly is for everyone. Even for the opposition. Let us not forget this. There is a time and place for certain movements. There are these unseen barriers which can be potentially crossed. If one group is sort of silenced, it is only a matter of time before that group becomes oppressed. Then eventually they feel as if they must defend their right to speak freely. Our educational institutions used to support this, but over time had turned into a catalyst for research biases and prejudices. They once stood for testing the great openness and magnitude of the human mind’s capabilities.  By the way, I don’t even like using the term free speech anymore because once again it is thrown around, not easily defined anymore, and makes me sound like I am trying to avoid going into depth. And no, trust me I am not. I am tired of sort of “hiding” how I truly feel out of fear. In college, I oftentimes found myself up against some biased professors, grading me upon my opinions, rather than how well I actually backed up my thesis. At some point, this infuriated me so much, I went to the Dean and was granted a well deserved second look over the comments upon my paper. This led to a discussion of how to remedy the situation. Remedy?! A number could not remedy the stress I felt after spending weeks on a paper and having a professor unfairly grade my thought provoking discoveries because they didn’t prove a particular interest? If anything it showed me certain people, even in the academic setting, were not immune to a sort of ideological sickness. I personally started questioning everything I read even more than I previously had. Even if it meant taking a hit on my grade for my opinions. Nothing matter to me more than staying as unbiased and true to the reader. Nothing.

We need to start dissecting words again too, not just questioning things that are presented to us on a silver platter. We need to actually look words up. We need to care about definitions if they have them and/or try to come up with a better idea of what they mean to us all in a modern society.  If a person does not care about language, then then essentially do not care about dialogue. If a conversation is attempted about subjects the person is not well versed in, this oftentimes leads to confusion, misunderstandings, and unnecessary conflicts. Which in my opinion, is what we see now all across the world and all over the internet. How many people have you honestly prejudged this month? We’re all truthfully guilty.

And honestly some things on the internet are not helping our modern society look well spoken anymore. Our language has become nothing but a sort of a joking matter to some. Social media sites such as twitter limit characters for example. Character limitation to a writer, is like missing half a canvas if you were a painter. I have resorted to writing in notepad now then screen-shotting it sometimes to Twitter. I have observed, if a person writes long responses though, people tend to trail off of reading them all the way. They admit oftentimes, it is “too long.” Or it is clear they do not understand what is being communicated and are quite possibly ashamed to admit this. Or they do not wish to attempt to figure it out out of pure lack of motivation towards others. A sort of narcissistic, I only care about things that concern me personally attitude. Whatever the reason, it is frustrating to try to engage in conversation with these types of people, because a person can easily become mentally drained by the interaction.

We cannot live in a society either, where just technology and business eventually only matter. If no one can communicate ideas effectively then they are ultimately useless as well. Yes, there are self-made people out there who mostly work alone and are quite productive but they are rare. Most humans need to ping ideas off of each other, get feedback, and attempt to evolve. Without it, some are working blindly to the needs of others. You could build the best rocket in the world, but if no one can afford to go on it because it costs so much to build, then what is the point? Get my drift?

What I am trying to say here, is inside of our educational institutions there are realistically biases everywhere. There are probably mathematics professors who cannot write a paragraph, without a fragment. There are probably English teachers who can write all day, but cannot do algebra. They perhaps do not have respect for what they each do, but that definitely needs to change. Being a teacher is a difficult job enough as it is. Departments and subjects should not be so divided in the educational system it creates a sort of perpetuated unappreciative attitude within the campus which then leads to the real world. I personally took classes I was not comfortable with, in order to challenge myself at times, discover what I was so afraid of, and perhaps run into different people than myself. What I have found so important the most is being able to effectively communicate your ideas. Doesn’t matter who you are, your interests, background, rich or poor, Fin aid or trust fund paid, communication matters. What we see now with a lot of people is a breakdown in communication. A frustration at something around them, that they perhaps cannot find the root cause of or have been misled into thinking something is the particular root cause.

We are living in the day and age where this is a war on information. There is an abundance of it out there, just not much of substance on the internet. It is oftentimes difficult to find, especially with certain search engines. (Do me a favor and research alternate search engines). No wonder honestly some students from broken homes, or even nice homes cannot decipher what is actual real at a young impressionable age and what is not. They are just focused upon fulfilling the narrative of going to college and being a good boy or girl. Whether it be the modern misandrist, the antifa communist/socialist, or just the naively led college kid by a biased professor, one thing is clear; some people have been misled. And I am in no way excusing violent or threatening acts, because at heart I am truly a pacifist. I will honestly stand there if you hit me but trust me I will sue you later if I desire. Let’s me frank here. Some went to college looking for knowledge,  but ended up indoctrinated into thinking a certain way.  And some are even paying for it for 10 to 25 years, now realizing the cost had truly no benefit to advancing their career. In my opinion, education is sort of a modern day advancement in loan slavery. There is misdirected anger it seems and a lack of focus towards the core issues at hand. The truth is, people need each other in order to take a stand against certain deep rooted societal issues in the future. Especially things like job growth, educational biases, student loan debt crises, clean water crises, health care costs and corruption on small and large scales. There is enough division already being created. More division is exactly what those who are truly secretly winning would desire out of all this conflict. Who benefits from the conflict? Just try to answer that question alone, and you are on the right path to knowledge.

A Look Into the Milo Situation

I have been aware of Milo Yiannopoulos for quite some time. Intrigued by his confidence, fearlessness, and intelligence. He had a direct voice and said everything everyone wished they could say, but didn’t have the words to as effectively. You can tell he is a very unusual person, that does not come around often but his voice needed to be here. People were afraid to speak up about political opinions. People like Milo did give a voice to the voiceless.

That is why I do not think Milo is a bad person. He could have stepped away and left the movement completely without his voice. But he didn’t. The problem is people tend to think because Milo is in the spotlight he is this sort of superhuman, capable of upholding his strength in every situation. What we witnessed of Milo trying to explain how his abuse taught him how to be sexually proficient, is a victim trying to protect themselves from reoccurring trauma. Perhaps, you think it is cowardly. You have a right to think so. Maybe you feel sorry for him. You have a right to think so. But overall this brings up some interesting questions.

Boys tend to hit puberty later than girls so if pedophilia is having sexual urges towards children that have not yet hit puberty, then boys that are taken advantage of very young are more likely to have not reached sexual maturity. Therefore, there is a flaw in his stance.And I would go further to say it isn’t even that black and white. States define legal adults differently across the country.

The fact is any adult who takes advantage of someone who is not yet a legal adult is not a moral, healthy, and beneficial member of society. Simple. Unless the entire country can agree on one age which would be considered a legal adult nationwide, pedophilia will continue to be based upon which state you reside in. Unfortunately I think this leads to confusion on the matter. Some are convicted while others are not. Perhaps, coming up with a general consensus of what is a legal adult nationwide could help define laws more specifically and make things like social security, IRS run a bit smoother as well.

I believe Milo is sadly a victim. How could he possibly know what he wants sexually at thirteen years of age? Most kids are developing interests, hobbies, and thinking about their future. It is not biologically possible nor psychologically possible to comprehend abuse at that age.

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where even the strong have some weak spots in their armor. Everyone has a different way of coping when it comes to reacting to uncomfortable questions.

So is it okay to use humor to hinder the effect of trauma? Use your own moral compass. Is that considered denial? The only person who truly knows that answer is Milo himself. If he is content with his lifestyle choice, then he is content. If not, he needs to figure out why.

His comments suggest to me, he may have some personal issues to deal with or perhaps he has developed a coping mechanism. Regardless, I suggest people read the entire transcript before reacting. Then draw your own conclusions.

Michael Moore’s Misplaced Fear & the Inauguration March

He’s been around for years now. Always there to cover the latest crisis, always having an opinion full of passion, but is that always a good thing? He is quite the storyteller and pubic speaker, but is that all that matters? It shouldn’t be.

Michael Moore swoops in when fear is high in the public sphere, when people are impressionable, and points the finger at what he believes is the culprit of whatever crisis is happening. Some claim he offers great insight and analysis, but the more I observe this man, the more I see he is fueled by emotions and not logic. To truly be analytical, one must actually be able to think logically and without so much “passion” or emotion.

Those who watch him, becoming convinced of everything he says, need to ask themselves why he has this power over them. Those who follow him, think of him as a great filmmaker, writer, activist, and everything which should embody a journalist. However, he seems to only truly let’s say “activate” when a crisis is underway in the liberal or independent parties. Which has been, for quite some time now, the majority, and technically still is since Trump did win by electoral votes. But rural areas participated more this time in the polls, swinging the tide in the other direction. And what people like Michael Moore do not really dig into, is gaining an insightful analysis of why this happened. He fails to take into account the rural perspective. His influence is fueling the misinformed into a deeper pattern of misunderstandings between rural and urban citizens. It is not just a disconnection between the media and independent journalism. It goes beyond his intellect, research, experiences, and capabilities to comprehend. Take, for instance this quote below and how he offers no further insights beyond it.

Moore said, “the reason it works — to get people to hate the press that is standing there is because the press has not done the job the people expect it to do.” Although his statement is true, he seems to ignore other factors which contributed to the Donald Trump victory. This truly shows how focused he is upon finding a single root cause in order to make sense to the masses who supported Bernie, Hillary, or didn’t vote at all. He goes on to urge those to join a March on the day of the Inauguration for “women’s rights.” This will provoke all those who relate to a socialist, communist, liberal influenced agenda to feel as if they are fighting for a cause.  When in fact, they are fighting against their own people, preaching forgiveness, unity, and equal rights on streets where we have western culture already accepted.

The real threat to women’s rights lies in Europe, where some women now wear chastity belts just to take a run. And women are not just the victims, either. Men and little boys are also abused by those who believe in ideologies that do not recognize equal rights, carrying on a culture that has brought upon war and destruction for years. If twenty percent of migrants are women and children, then why must western civilizations accept men who carry an agenda unlike western civilizations? Why accept those who chose not to assimilate, provide for their children, and become productive citizens? It only hurts the working class, poor, disabled, children, mentally ill, and those who actually need a helping hand and are willing to accept western culture as a part of American/European culture.

Those who attend the march on the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, I want you to ask yourself why you are there? I want you to ask yourself why you shouldn’t be doing more research on what is happening to Western culture in Europe? I want you to ask yourself why you are fighting your own elected president, rather than supporting his efforts for peaceful discussions in international affairs, nationalism, economic growth, and occupational growth? Would you really like World War III instead in a day and age where we cannot even provide for our own citizens and Veterans? It is time to implement the ideologies we say Western culture and America actually stands for. There are no boarders without walls or some surveillance in the world. There is no western influenced country that does not have laws and consequences. There is no western influenced country that has not had to fight against ideologies which threaten the rights of women and children. There will always be a battle but unity will only happen of common ground can be found among st those countries with the most logic, reason, and civilized of behaviors.

Let our country not fall on false liberal “leaders” and good speakers like Michael Moore, who threaten the very strength of our country with fear of its own citizens. Fear that those who voted for Donald Trump are perhaps racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and/or misinformed citizens. Fear is distracting, unproductive, useless, depressing, and is a great source of fuel for those who threaten democracy. What is done is done. The voting process spoke and we must rebuild our country, unified, and willing to be open minded when it comes to international affairs. Our production in our own country has decreased tremendously, the Middle class has become the lower middle class, and our out of date policies no longer work with the current situation and market. We have had some of the most brilliant minds on this country appointed by Donald Trump. Let them lead, rather than follow. Listen, rather than speak. Trust, rather than doubt. Don’t let fear of the wrong things dictate this country.



A Lost Generation

A lost generation

full of misplaced rage

thinking their on the right side

but often disengaged

stuck in a maze

with no ending in sight

trying to cut through the walls

throughout the night

And their cries can be heard

from all those on the outside

that represent the forgotten

who desired a change in tide…

the ones time forgot

with the opinions they hide

humble is their word

unlike misplaced pride…

they speak in truth

and sometimes their words

are not so smooth…

but are reality infused…

I wish I could help you put your fears aside

but mine ate at me until I had to swallow my pride

And I know what battle you must find

it’s inside of your own mind….

A lost generation

A proclamation to the entity they should detest

thinking their own the ride side

but they stand with the ideas they say they cannot digest

and the irony is so obvious to the rational mind

their delusions create fear and unrest…

And their cries can be heard

from all those on the outside

echoing the emotions they once knew

when they felt pushed aside…

but in that isolation grew strength

That could break a thousand lies…

in that grew struggle

which could not be swept aside…

A Woman Defending Her Freedom


If someone walks up and destroys a window of a business, they get arrested, right? If someone does property damage, they are usually arrested, period. Why is it when a man walks right up to the Donald Trump star, he is somehow able to walk away and turn himself in later? I don’t think so. You destroyed property and should have been in handcuffs immediately. If it was a Hillary star, would the outcome have been different? I think so.

When an older homeless woman stood by the Trump Hollywood star, with her signs and protection, she was swamped by a bunch of people. They called her a b**ch, ripped her signs, and belittled her so much she went into a dis associative state. A heavy set man aggressively came towards her, knocked her cart over and she went onto the concrete. Her eyes closed, and I noticed her frail frame shaking in anxiety. They judged her as mentally ill rather than just possibly without a job. Rather than ask her about what happened to her they told her to take her meds. This is disgusting.  Not only did they disrespect this woman’s right to vote, but they labelled her, treating her as if they knew who she was and what she went through. They also accused her of being a drug abuser. Honestly, not all homeless people are drug users.

This woman had signs which made logical sense. She had opinions and sentences that were more more thoughtful on her signs than I have seen on the majority of signs. Yet, they still label her. Perhaps, half of her issues are economical, environmental, and socially constructed by ideologies that are irrational and judgmental towards her. Perhaps, she is standing up for what she believes is right and will help her.

Regardless, this is an inhumane way to treat a person. I understand tensions are high, but in no way should anyone endure what this woman had to endure. If I could, I’d give her a hug.