Sugar Mama Wap (Fetty Wap Cover)

I’m like “hey, what’s up, mommy–oohh”
Seen yo kind ass soon as you came out that door
I just wanna eat, but I got a sack of fat to roll
Married to the money, she introduced me to her stove
Showed me how to bake it, now she expectin’ it for sure…
She my sugar mama queen, let me load the cargo
We be countin’ up, watch how far my unemployment goes
We just set a goal, talkin’ mis-matched rides yo
Got  a 56′ chevy, prob’ needs parts though
Man, I swear I love her how she work those damn goals
I Hit the strip club, she threatens to let me go
Everybody hating, but I need her though
In love with a suga mama, I ain’t never growing up…

And I get high without my baby (baby)
I just left the mall, I’m getting fly with my baby’s money, yeah
And I can’t really  ride with my baby (baby)
I be in the kitchen cleaning up for my baby, yeah

And I get high without my baby (baby)
I just left the mall, I’m getting fly with my baby, yeah
And I can ride with my baby (baby)
I be in the kitchen cooking pies with my baby, yeah

I hit the strip without my trap queen ’cause all we know is bad
I just might snatch up a ‘shot of bacardi and wish my boo a ferrari
I might just snatch her some womans necklace, drop a couple bucks on a ring
She ain’t want it for nothin’ because I can’t buy her anything
Bitch you up in the condo, I’m without deniro can’t go
Remi boys got nothing, you count up hella buckss tho
How far can your Audi go?
Fetty Wap I’m living fifty bucks not K how I stand tho
Don’t bother checking out my pockets hol’ up

And I get high without my baby (baby)
I just left the mall, I’m getting fly with my babys monayyy, yeah
And I can’t really ride with my baby (baby)
I be in the kitchen tryingto make pies without my baby, yeah

And I get high without my baby (baby)
I just left the mall, I’m getting fly with my babys money, yeah
And I can’t really  ride with my baby (baby)
I be in the kitchen killing flies for my baby, yeah

I’m like “hey, what’s up, hello”
Seen yo sweet ass soon as you came out that door
Said I just wanna chill, Lied about  a sack for us to roll
Then I Married to your money, she  introduced me to her stove
Showed me how to boil it, now shes telling me keep it on low
She’s  my suga mama, don’t let her hit the bando
I’ll be countin’ up, watch how her money can go
We just set a goal, but I want the first lambo
Got  a 56 chevy, needs some parts tho
Man, I swear I love her how she goes to work while I’m home
I can’t Hit the strip club, or she will let my ass go
Everybody hating, I tell them she’s my suga mama though
In love with the money, I can’t let her go….

Be An Example, Not a Jerk

It’s been a while. I am not the same as I was a few months ago. As time moves on, the portal I walk through is becoming more and more my own, the inner voice telling me to hold on. It once said to let go and listen to all the outside voices telling me who I am. And maybe I was, at that point in time, the person they described. Maybe I was, but not everyone stays the same. Not everyone has the privilege to not have to adapt. Most have to deal with ever changing economical, educational, and cultural transitions with the modern age. As a result, we develop bad habits, illnesses, and an inability to cope. We all deserve a chance to better ourselves fairly. From the guy with no teeth in the trailer park to the guy with shiny braces and a shiny car already. We all should be able to go to college not to make money but rather to do what we love. There should be a field for all of us in this economy, not just the technical and health students.

People have forgotten society needs a balance. We cannot have technical products without the human resources manager, the person who orders shipments, the technical writer, and the lawyer who writes the employee handbook. Why should one get paid a substantial amount of money less than the other? All play key roles in the end result, and all cannot work without the other. America has forgotten this should not be an economy where a person is out for themselves but rather out for the greater good of humanity. The foundation of life is built around how we interact and communicate with one another.Technology poses a threat to our social skills when we concentrate upon only the job at hand and not the people around us. Both have to be developed in a way in order for society to function as a whole. Our curriculums need to be challenged. Our law enforcement majors need to take more psychology and sociology classes.  Our technical students need to take more public speaking classes so they can actually explain their ideas. Our art students need to take classes with a focus towards a specific area rather than a broad spectrum. Our children, teenagers, and students need guidance. And institutions in this country need to look at themselves, their mistakes, and ensure they are being supportive to the next generation.

The wealth is now concentrated into the one percent versus the other ninety nine. We all are trying and trying to gain a piece of what is left of the middle class but the more we all try the more it seems the playing field is leveled. I have come to the realization we all should be able to go to college for free. Yes, for free. Our incentives for education should not be money, nor the colleges should have the motive of money as well. Healthcare and education should be left in the control of the government and be a close market. No profits. That’s it. We all pay a percentage of our income and deal with it. I would rather pay for all the choices in the world and not be afraid of a mistake. Enough consequences on the youth and college students working hard to get by and more positive re-reinforcement. Everyone seems to try to find out what is wrong rather than making it right.

I have heard things will change in this country so many times. The rich will be taxed and the poor will get more, but each year I wonder sometimes. I will spend my life in a field where I help people and those who don’t will have a short and sleepless life. Be an example for those around you and never give up. I feel the next generation will challenge the last. Time reassures me what is right will become reality for our children.

Rant and Rave

I recover like no other. I hit the dirt and wander through the pines alone and weightless like a small deer ready to escape across the road and into the unknown. I don’t care to become part of the herd, but to live effortlessly alone. I don’t care for the partner in life anymore since nothing has been gained through anyone but what emotions I have been left to face. Alone. Alone. Alone. It has always been that way. Did I forget the same forest I ran through as a child is the small forest I run through today? Has my memory failed me or my lack of foreseeing this never ending cycle called life is what it is a cycle until death? Should death be feared if it means an end? Are all ends feared? No. I fear nothing but the monsters of people who inhabit this earth inflicting pain upon others for whatever they see as gain. I fear those who start war for money. I fear those who don’t release cures for diseases. I fear those who abuse just to feel better about their pathetic existence they created for themselves. I fear global warming is real and we are screwed. I fear clean water will eventually run out. I fear the planet will become so overpopulated we will have a mass extinction of the elderly. I am afraid everyday about things everyone should be afraid of. If one person counteracted one of these fears every day isn’t that better than avoiding them? What is it about society where we feel avoidance is the best remedy? Why do we run from what we should face and face what we should avoid? I am tired sick and sad everyday seeing the world as an oyster losing its shell. I tell myself though there are others out there who know what I feel. My existence is not unique, we are taught we are all unique but really are we? Isn’t it easier to realize we are the same in a lot of ways. Isn’t it easier to put aside the self righteous attitude and treat each other well? It is easier than fighting.

Backwoods Driving

Roll them down

the glass is too dirty

from all the times you pressed your face against them

the cold to hard to embrace…

but now a 50 degree day is magic

no weather can keep my windows up

and unopen to the sounds

no rain can make a frown…

cuz’ I was left behind

hiding along the blinds….

Caressing the string to open them

into the depths in of my unconscious mind


how did it come to this?

Through illusions

and misfortunes

broken bones and dead end corners…

then back around again

the same streets over…

same windows down

but I never pulled over…

Hit the gas…

the road is your duty…

all the times you went the wrong way…

has held you down with fury…

but don’t you worry…

there should be no fear in discovery…

for your heart was all binded up

and now has a chance for recovery…

How did it come to this?

Through sullen and puffy eyes…

How did I survive all this?

Cuz’ my heart is still alive.


Your Class is like Glass: Easily Breakable

Young men want to step

to me through puddles

like they can afford waterproof boots

but they got the imitation kind

the water goes all inside

and they think they can steal mine

tell me they’ll give em back

but shortly after

time runs out and

it’s more than the boots and socks

it’s about all he mocks…

about other people like himself

thinks he’s so game

but really he’s insane

cuz he thinks other people are to blame

doesn’t want to grow up

admit life is lame

with wet socks

if you can have her dry ones…

but you need to…

get your own

and live without a bone

thrown to you every time

you’re hungry…

you gotta starve.

Your class left your soul

like broken glass

so bring your trash over

pick up every piece until the last

Older men want to step

like they want some babies

let’s have a conversation

then get down to the business


cuz I need a wife

cuz I am tired

of cleaning alone

being nice

to whores for a bone…

I need a full time woman

who cooks and does my laundry…

but I want her to work

then come home, take care of me fondly…

but then there’s an army

holding grudges while she folds your laundry

cuz’ how do you expect her to mend

everything that’s broken

when you can’t comprehend

you created a situation

out of a false idea of man..

cuz you’re just a little boy

Your class left your soul

like broken glass

so bring your trash over

pick up every piece until the last

so it doesn’t come back

like your past

to repeat itself

like concrete

it bonds to itself

until there is crack

no one can deny seeing.

Mending Our Generation

Living in a dream

It seems…

I did everything they wanted

And I still do not know

Who it was for…

Are they beneath the ground?

Or above the clouds?

Are they hidden?

Or trying not to be found?

I think they dug a hole

Like animals…

Reproduced within all their comforts…

And left the fallen to work above their lairs…

I just want an answer

Even if it doesn’t make me free

I just want an answer

Someone to see

The pain greed creates

The flight then fall

I anticipate

Every time I wake….

Living a scheme

It seems…

I have fallen

With the lost and forgotten

Trying to find the nail for my own coffin

They had the money to buy

And the money to break me into…

I just want an answer…

Even if it doesn’t offer peace

I just want to stare into the face

Of those responsible for the mistakes

Our generation has to mend…

Forgotten or Remembered?

Hold me for awhile

I feel like a battered animal

Found on the side of the road

Left to the forces of nature

Left to be forgotten

Left perhaps for the one person out of hundreds

Who will stop to check my breath

It either one or the other in this world

The worst or the best from a bad situation

I know this too well

This familiar feeling creeping its way in on me

The familiar light spinning all around me

Creating a kind of depth I cannot make sense of

But enjoy trying to

But would enjoy trying to with someone

Who could matter

Who could save me from the road

Could save me from my own nature

Could bind me to them from my feet to my face

Could show me the world is still the same

Show me I just grew tired of the same ol stuff

Sitting in the same ol place

So I pushed everything into different spots

creating the illusion I now cannot ignore

but he will make me see it is all the same…

and find comfort in knowing no matter how much

The mind sees things as rearranged

The negative of the image still exists…


Finally Belong

I’m sailing in a sea of hopelessness

as the devil grants god one last breath of air

all secrets are eroded away

to nothing

our destiny alone in the palm of our hand

cuz’ we can’t comprehend everything re-invents itself through man

And I don’t understand why we choose this life..

it’s like eating the bark

leaving the fruit

not thinking twice

forcing a knife

to carve a tree with strife

I’m wandering in a forest, free of footsteps

as the devil grants god to walk across it

all the flowers are stepped on

all the rarest animals are hunted

till there is nothing heard

but the flutter of a butterfly

it’s mother natures faint cry

And I don’t understand why we chose this life

it’s like eating the bark

leaving the fruit

not thinking twice

forcing a knife

to carve a tree with strife

Dying in my once haven

as the devil grants god to show his light

all of my sight is smoldered away

skin is budded a crimson may

there is nothing left but rotting decay

forcing me back on yesterday

to decipher why my life led this way

On the ground I lay,

living day by day, easily unable to runaway

from myself…

I finally belong.

Desire Controls the Heart

Although my eyes do not seek

Although my heart has turned bleak….

I will take the world away

for just once glance of purity…

a sickening sweet taste of love…

Although my seas are calm…

and steady breezes only come along…

I will roll in the clouds…

feel the rain upon my palms…

know its better…

than nothing….

nothing at all.

desire controls the heart at difference…


And although my face lost its color…

my soul feels the need to wander…

I will anchor my ship

to find the better half of me thrown overboard…

clenched by the movements of the sea

And Although…

Although…I have nothing left….

I will progress

to the treasure of love.

desire controls the heart at difference…

at difference

Waiting for the Knight

Waiting on a dark road

My lights turned off

I am waiting for a deal with the devil

Trying to sell my soul for a moment with a savior

Trying to avoid the crevices in the road

As crimson flames embark on the surface

Reminding me I am moments away from a fiery demise

And then I see his eyes

Like headlights they blind my path

Blind my perception of the world as an inevitable apocalypse

Making me question everything before this moment

When all darkness turned into light…

When all sadness turned into triumph



His eyes disintegrate time into nothing but the sand in an hourglass

As I am hoping the meantime goes fast

Knowing I could wait forever for you….


Waiting on the same ol’ dark road

My lights now turned on

I am waiting for a deal with the man in fine armor

Trying to sell my soul for the moment when his shield lies upon the ground

Trying to see beyond the protective layer he so diligently maintains

As all the battle wounds become exposed like the flames

Beneath his feet

And then I see his eyes

Like two northern stars they project light upon the universe

My universe

Blinding me from the inevitable apocalypse

Making me free from the future and past

As his armor drops around his feet

As his horse wanders off into the street

As if looking for the same kind of salvation his master finds

When his eyes meet

The woman with eyes like a serpent

But the smile of a child…


And His eyes disintegrate time into nothing but the sand in an


As I am hoping the meantime goes fast

I know I could wait forever for you

Traveling the same dark road

Making a deal with the devil

For just a glimpse into his eyes.