About the Kills (UK band)

When I first encountered the kills it was a total fluke. It was almost as if everyone in the UK knew who they were but I didn’t because I was an American. It sucks. I wished I found them years ago but I think it was the right point in my life. I was twenty five years old and angry. I had a chip on my shoulder which is still there, and I needed some new stuff to listen to. The 90’s rocked but it was time for new discoveries. I ventured outside of the US once again and found a gem.

The music the kills make is so relate-able no one can stop the simple movement of their fingers even if they do not care for the lyrics. It is catchy musically and lyrically. Jamie Hince has an old soul it appears and an appreciation for authenticity. His riffs are simple yet complex. Allison Mosshart writes lyrics that cut through your skin. You can feel her anguish and her bliss without knowing her story. They feel as if you have heard them before but chances are you haven’t. They are just evoking emotions. Whether it be anger towards an ex cheater or a happy popish song you want to dance in your car to. They have it all and more than most out there.

Both are extremely intelligent. They observe societal issues and speak fluently their opinions. They know who they are and it shows they are comfortable with eachother. The “chemistry” between they isn’t that but rather a perspective of the world they share in common. They both seem to admire people who are go getters. Allison brings up Fugazi as an influence and explain precisely why I and many others appreciate them:

“I always loved music i always wrote lyrics i love to sing from a very young age.Coming out of the boombox were one of bands that really inspired me were fugazi.  The kinds of bands that were encompassed in their lifestyle. It was inspiring and liberating to know you could do all that yourself. Do it yourself and have control.”-Allison Mosshart

It is nice to know someone actually care about their influences enough to mention them rather than talk about themselves. I think artists who come from similar influences tend to have an ear for a certain sound. This sound isn’t crap either, like most on the radio nowadays. This band pours their entire existence into what it creates. Enjoy!

“How would you describe the album? it is always really hard to describe music you put your everything into.”-Jamie Hince

“This album came from melodies…some just simply off humming.”-JH

“It was pretty natural to go into a different direction.”

“We work until we make something that doesnt sounds like the one before or three before it.”- allison

“It is really quite brutal..the sound.”-JH

“When i was growing up there were always people pushing you around but you always had music.”-JH

“You go to a gig and there’s holistic rules. You cant smoke, lean on railings, and there is security everywhere. I think it is really bizarre. I don’t know why people are fighting at these places.”-JH

“American talks about freedom more than any other nation, but there is none here.it is almost as if we talk abut our freedom so people believe we have it.”-JH

“We sort of regressed in a way. “-JH

“People with money try to buy out the spirit of it.”-JH

“I would hide myself away almost kind of ashamed of it…so id lock myself in my room and write terrible poetry. I don’t know if that is where it stemmed from but it has always been extremely important to me.”- JH

“Poor places are where artists and musician gravitate to because they can afford rent there.Then people make those place synonymous for being cool and before you know it the wealthy people move in and the poor people can afford it.”JH

“Some things aren’t meant to be explained. Songs are not for that. I think it is important i music and poetry that people analyze it.”-JH

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