The Dimensions/ Part 3

She didn’t even wake when he left. She felt at peace. And now she feels guilty her other family is probably looking for her and she is sitting here, lying with another man, and taking care of another child. The tears flow. The sun is almost up and she will have to prepare Alvin’s lunch. The thought sends her into a downward spiral. The bedroom door bursts open.

“Mom! I need my lunch in ten! Please!” Alvin exclaims.

She can tell he in only a child and has no idea what is going through her mind.

“Sure hunny, I’ll have it ready. Brush your teeth.”

After she sends him on the bus, the house is so empty and quiet. At first, she thinks of lying around depressed, but quickly realizes she must try to get back home. The guilt keeps her going. She cannot just move on with another family, it isn’t right.

She comes across some photographs. There are all kinds of albums, titled, dated, and labeled in her handwriting. Her heart sinks. How? How is my writing here? She pulls the an album. Alvin was just born and she looks a little younger. Her hair is a different color, clothing is of the latest trend, and she doesn’t even remember where it was taken. It appears to be in a different home.

She pulls another album. Their wedding photographs. Edward looks handsome, she look so happy, but who are all these people? How do I know them? No one looks familiar. She spends the rest of the day, looking over photographs trying to find a hidden piece of her puzzle. As if something magically will happen and she will just wake up in another dimension. But….it doesn’t happen. She closes her eyes and prays to God but she is still at the same place in time.

The door opens and Alvin runs up with a drawing.

“Look at what I did!”

It’s two figures in a road, one boy, one woman, and a red ball. The exact moment that changed where she was in time. Her eyes widen, then quickly soften so he doesn’t become alarmed. She has no idea how Alvin would know of this event. He was inside.

“I see. Quite the nice drawing.What is it about Alvin?” She asks.

“I don’t know. I keep dreaming about it Mommy.”

She feels doomed. Relying upon a child to make sense out of the present and the past. It is clear to me he really has no idea, just like she does. She cradles him, caressing his hair as if he is her own. He is all she has right now and he is all she has right now.

“Hi Hunny! How was your day?!” Edward walks in and asks.

“Pretty uneventful. Looked over some photo albums and cleaned up around here a bit.” (She exaggerated the cleaning part, hehe).

“That’s good. Place looks nice. Thank you hunny.”

She has gotten used to the cooking part already. Although, Edward does ask why she seems to be making some new things, he is still pleased and not questioning her much. It seems like a routine has been established, enough where Margaret can start investigating and not be investigated herself. She’ll do anything to get back to her baby boy.

After dinner, she tosses and turns in bed. Thinking about the drawing Alvin did. How did he know that keeps going over and over inside her mind. Then screams erupt. It’s Alvin.


She rushed to his side, and he is covered in sweat.

“I think I had that dream again.”

“What can you tell me about it hunny?”

“He said…he said… help me, it’s John.”

Her hearts drops to the floor as she holds back tears. And she holds him until he falls asleep.




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