Advice to People Who Don’t Like Me ðŸ˜‚

1) Do you actually know me? Do you actually show interest in knowing me? If not, I noticed that. I tried to listen to you but repeatedly feel you’re bent on disliking me. I don’t owe you a like for a dislike. I’m not your doormat.

2) Do you assumptions have merit? Or did you craft them yourself and make me have to disprove? No one wants to feel like they were misjudged then have to prove otherwise.

3) Are you actually being accepting of me when you seem to look for fault first? Stop trying to blame me for defending myself. If I did it to you, would you defend yourself? Or keep quiet? I choose one of those options accordingly.

4) Stop trying to act like you care to be friends if you don’t. Simple. Move on to other people who want artificial friendships. Plenty out there.

5) Stop trying to make me uncomfortable to get a reaction. I’ll probably just ignore you.

6) I’m cool with most activities but if yours involves going to bars only: no thanks. Real friends understand when you don’t want to go out. Or if you’re in a new relationship, you might not be as invested in friendships because your time is less available. If you encourage bad behavior in relationships you also are a crappy friend. Real friends want their friend to be happily committed; not out getting played or playing the field.

7) Don’t give me fake compliaments. If your tone is off I noticed. If you go from a compliment to insult; your intentions are clear. You don’t care for me.

8) If you talk bad about someone to me you were friends with before me: I don’t trust you. You just showed someone can put time into your friendship and it doesn’t create loyalty and honesty.  P.s. I might tell that person you are fake.

9) Don’t put me in the position of being the person to uplift yourself. Don’t put me down if you expect anything. It shows your character. You’d rather have fake founded esteem.

10) Don’t assume because of the way I look I’m dumb. I am not naturally blonde. You’re dumb for thinking hair color has to do with intelligence.

11) Don’t assume I have a lot of money because I have fashion sense. I don’t spend much on clothes and don’t like shopping all the time. I take care of what I have.

12) Don’t assume my life is a fairytale right now so you should try to bring me down. In fact, maybe I have more going on than I want to say. And it’s none of your business if you play mind games.

14) If you’re secretly jealous of me: that’s sad. Go play with your mask on elsewhere. I’ll just wait until you become obvious. 😊


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