Negative Nancy Vs. Turncoat Suzy

We sit down. The rum and coke still barely there just like the mind going with it. We all have been guilty, so have I, trying to escape the clutches of reality, but why? Why do we not enjoy life at times so much we must escape it? Between still moments there is realistically nothing if you do not create anything. How can one create when there is so much hate around you? I have no idea. I guess I just feed off the hate then if it comes off too negative then o well. People who only speak of flowers and kitties end up speaking of nightmares in the end because they couldn’t face reality. Those who face bullshit are oftentimes called negative while they positive patties parade around in their ignorant sleep slumber they call consciousness haha.

So… I am a “negative nancy” and I don’t give a hoot. I heard some dumb girl saying oh susan why do you have to be such a negative nancy. When I start hearing a drunken dumb girl using the term I really don’t care if it is used on me. It is a dumbass term. Do you think social workers tell their clients to stop being negative nancies? What about psychologists? If the government told North Korea they were a negative nancy, would they react positive? Nah. No one does. People who don’t want to solve problems use labels that do it for them and hurt people rather than give a shit to find out what is truly wrong.

I think turncoat suzy is more accurate. Turncoat is a person who changes perceptions. That’s who I am. If I don’t agree with you I will combat what you say which can be viewed as negative. Don’t be mistaken, turncoat suzies are actually less negative than negative nancies in the end because they see both sides of arguments. They play devil’s advocate and sometimes people get angry when you do so. It promotes thoughts, not labels which has become an issue with modern society.

The interconnections we constantly have to people is not healthy. People need isolation to grow. If you plant one tree to close to another then it cannot branch out its roots. It becomes intertwined with another tree, trying to escape its clutches to become in the realm of free thought again. It is quite annoying to feel held back in a way by the desire to be connected to people. It is the ultimate root of sadness in society really. We all want to connect with someone so badly, that we keep phone numbers, stay on facebook, add twitter, wordpress, instagram, etc…but what really happens? Do half the people really matter or are they just a temporary fill for a void? Probably the latter. I am not trying to talk down upon it but I do not feel it is healthy for people to be so connected it essentially makes them disconnected from a real kiss, real night out, and real activities. The brain cannot grow just obtaining information, just like social skills cannot grow by talking through a keyboard. People need to be supportive to one another but not so convenient. Convenience is not always a good thing.The first option isn’t the best. It takes years to make friends, years to get married, years to raise children and sometimes people become negative nancies or turncoat suzies. Rather than labeling, realize what the core issue really is. We have resorted to lame ass labels rather than talking to one another. But one thing is for sure, Technology cannot change the way humans interact because the core desire is to be connected physically to someone. In the end, social networking doesn’t mean anything without people around you.

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