American Horror Story: Coven Review/Summary


It starts off introducing you to a teenage character, Zoe Benson. She seems pretty typical at first, desiring another teenage boy. They sneak in her room, and boom, no magic happens, just death. She can cause bleeding in brain on men who fall for her passion. Unfortunately, she takes her first victim, and the parents do not know what to do with her. A squad of FBI looking agents come in and bring her to the coven in New Orleans.

She arrives there, without much of an invitation. The house is empty at the time but the gates and door opens involuntarily. I’ll be honest, this show brought about my child-like imagination. Even at times when it is predictable, the author knew what the viewer/reader would enjoy without diverting the plot too much.

Zoe is introduced to Madison. She is an overconfident pop star who likes socializing and partying. They go out later that night. When Madison speaks to a frat boy to fetch her a drink as if he is a slave, she gets a consequence which is more than she bargained for. She is raped by a couple men there. Zoe walks in, as Kyle, one of the frat brothers who actually has morals, gets all the men off Madison. Kyle looks like a knight in shining armor. Zoe falls for him but since Madison cannot catch up to the bus full of frat brothers as they escape, she overturns it. She kills them all with her power. Even Kyle. They resurrect him later on, only to find he is missing a lot of screws and is a handful. He was also previously sexually abused by his mother which adds another layer to why he stopped the rape. He knew exactly what sexual abuse was like. I think this speaks volumes about the writer as well. He did not have to add so much character development but he did which makes it so believable. Even in a show about witches, it has a pinch of realism.

Kyle eventually becomes sort of normal because Fiona (the head witch, “supreme”) fixes him with a spell. He also studies on the computer and learns language all over as if he is a child.  The girls, Zoe and Madison end up both sexually with him, which creates this sort of deeper layer cutting into Madison. Madison did not care about Kyle becoming more intellectual but Zoe did. Now that Kyle has evolved, he no longer cares for Madison. He realizes at this moment maybe she doesn’t want his mind, and just his body.After all, Madison picked the “best pieces”  of his friends to put him back together. He knows this because he remembers their tattoos which are now on his body. Quite the depth. He becomes a male protector figure of the house.

Madison is killed by the supreme, Fiona, so the supreme cannot lose her power. Fiona thinks Madison was the next supreme, but she could be wrong. Fiona’s assistant of the house, stuffs the body in the attic. Eventually through the Ouija board, and a deal with the axeman for information, Zoe is able to contact Madison. The axeman was a serial killer who was trapped in the house by witches who lived there in the past. Zoe released him to talk to Madison. Once she finds her body, she consults Misty, who escaped a bounty hunter like man (which is really Fiona’s daughter’s husband). Misty is a resurrection witch. She is able to bring back Madison. Madison must stay out of the sight of Fiona though, so she doesn’t know she is back in action.

Cordelia is Fiona’s daughter. She is talented and cunning. She outsmarts her mother in every step. Hank, Cordelia’s husband is actually a witch hunter. He is working with voo doo witches which are the enemy of Cordelia. Eventually he loses it though and gets killed himself and almost kills the head voo do witch, Marie. Marie is eventually banished to hell anyway. Queenie, a heavy set witch at the academy can cause wounds to others through herself. She is basically a human voo doo doll. She is responsible for Hank’s death, shooting herself in the head, but really shooting him in the head. Queenie turned her back on the Coven, tried to go with her own kind, but realized it was a bad choice later on. Queenie is a great protector though and had a heart of gold.

Zoe and Misty are killed trying to pass the tests to be the next supreme. Whomever is the supreme should be able to resurrect them. Madison could but refuses. Kyle then kills her, out of love for Zoe. Cordelia steps in and saves Zoe. Zoe becomes the supreme and the academy is open to a new set of girls ready for training. Ready for a new chapter to begin and more enemies to face.

The story is engaging at every moment. I could not wait to see what would happen, all because the author took his time to develop these characters. Each and every one had a problem deep within themselves to sort out before being able to access their own strength. They either failed or succeeded. A lot of the characters were accepting of going to hell which I found intriguing. It had this kind of existential component to it, must authors are afraid to project. Fiona came back, almost dead from cancer to make amends with her daughter which offered a kind of resolution. Even with all the imagination, the powers, the out of this world content, it still feels real. The show portrays emotion in a way which can be forthcoming and realistic. It is what a lot of shows honestly lack nowadays. And I just wanted to share this find with you all, so you can as well, enjoy what great writers have to offer.

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