If I have a girl someday…

If I have a girl someday, I will protect her until the day I die. I will hold her when she needs it so she will know how powerful love is. So she will be able to love all things, animals, humans, and objects. And in this love, will evolve respect. Respect of all things in this world that were created, imagined, or even just there to begin with. She won’t tarnish monuments. She won’t push her cart towards parked cars. She won’t cut people off in line. She won’t be so impatient to almost run someone over trying to get out of a parking lot. She won’t speak ill of someone going through something troubling. She won’t view people as nonredeemable, either.

She will be full of love, but also able to protect herself. She won’t let my influence or anyone else’s hurt her perception of herself. And if she does, she will know she can come to me in her time of need and I will tell her what she needs to hear without being so harsh as the outside world. And I will never make her feel as if it is a problem to come to me with questions about life at any age, because the perception of adulthood is diverse across many countries and cultures. Adulthood is not a fixed time period but rather a period of transcendence which cannot be measured. With this perspective, my child will not feel a disconnect from me, but rather a supportive network of framework, there to assist her along her way. She can stop by the house anytime, at any age, and know I will be there with as much wisdom as I can obtain.

With this kind of support, she won’t feel so much anxiety about the outside world. Life will be an adventure rather than a challenge. She will be able to discover her own strengths and weaknesses. She can focus upon what is important in the future, rather than be fixated on the past. She won’t be trying to redeem herself in life, but rather always be striving to be more than she was yesterday. And I’ll always be rooting in her corner, until the day I die, with the same childlike enthusiasm.





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