Your Game

Treated you the way you treated me

Now the game has begun

You have no idea what you shunned

It’ll be years before you contemplate what you won

the grass isn’t greener, you’ll step in crap when it’s done

Stay away from me, you say I’m the one

Behind your back, you hide a gun

How can I be fun, when you torture me

Now I’m shellshocked, stunned


Don’t talk to me if you want to fight

You have no empathy and it’s not alright

You should uplift me, let me take flight

If you want a cheerleader

If you want a cheerleader tonight


Let me in to take me out

That’s what you do to everyone

I know what I’m talking about

Stop giving me bs, giving me doubt

I already ran away from this route

So difficult for you to be emotionally available instead

Leave me with lead in my bed

If I don’t say anything,

I’m still cornered, unfed

Neglected by you

While they whisper in your head

She’s not good enough

Go ahead and believe them instead

Let all the wrong people in, listen to what they said

It’s very cowardly, you put all them ahead of me

When I gave you everything I could

And I’m done wasting my energy.



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