Don’t Lose Hope

IMG_20180705_190506_819There are some of us who believe a lot said to us. We care about what you think about us. We walked this Earth at a young age, alone, seeking acceptance, love, adoration, and things we did not receive. We couldn’t rely on family to support us in childhood, because they were too busy fighting their own battles. They were too busy trying to fix themselves to notice we felt so alone. We don’t harbor resentment, but rather realize it for what it was and accept it. But admidst all the lonely youthful years, I realized I may be part of a lock and key generation. A generation that walked  themselves to school and came home to an empty house. Everything always felt empty. I know there are others who feel like this, feel like no one understands, but I do. I do so much. Just know you are never alone in how you feel. Somewhere, someone else is waiting to talk to you, listen to you, and relate to you. We think our experiences are inherently unique, but they are not. We want to believe sometimes, the world is just cruel, but there are some who want to combat the cruel world. Don’t lose hope. Don’t let people make you lose hope. Be the light against the dark. Listen, love, and live empathetically. ❤️

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