Sad Man

Sad man

Sitting in his castle

Sad man

Causing everyone a hassle

He’s got his shiny car

His expensive taste

But his brain can’t stay in one place

And this sad man can’t handle rejection

Convinces himself he’s absolute perfection

Doesn’t care what he says comes with his own lesson

He has yet to learn

But now its your turn

To feel my pain

I have everything to gain

Without you



Not being around you

Is a dream come true

Have fun with your stuff

And all of your blues

Was just afraid of dying a dead fool

For ever falling for someone like you



Sad man

Driving down the street

Sad man

Looking for people to meet

He’s got his nice clothes

Delivers the love bombing greet

But when it wears off

He can’t keep the heat

So emotionally incomplete

Stomps out any love beneath his feet

Chooses power and money

Can’t see his own defeat

Can’t put his ego aside

For every woman he’s beat



So sad man

Take your life plans

Start burying your head in the sand

Because you are nothing without love

You are nothing without love.

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