Find Another Prey

Beware of the vultures

Beware of the vultures

The ones that look like perfect sculptures

But really are just vulgar

Hide in the shadows

Creating issues while playing martyr

Convincing everyone they are smarter

Running from the destruction they leave

A dear departer

Always playing victim but just a firestarter

Puts a ring on your finger

While pulling on every womans garter

And I hope you stay away

I hope you find another prey

I hope you have fun with the play

The one where I had nothing to say

Beware of the parasites

Beware of the parasites

The ones who come out on sleepless nights

Try to steal your identity, all your light

Try to make you feel the need to fight

Always have you in a state of flight

Where the kisses seem to feel like bites

Hold you back from your greatest heights

Love you while holding a knife

Coming back just to cause more strife

Can’t be alone cause it doesn’t suffice

Always rolling people like dice

Always rolling people like dice.

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