Don’t Come Back to Me



When your mouth can no longer

Swallow your own words

Don’t come back to me

When your ears can no longer hear anything but regret

Don’t come back to me

You lied to me

I had to leave vulnerably empty

Left with an emotional dichotomy

And now it feels like I am a particle of dust

Getting stomped upon by all your bluffs

But who ends up never having enough?

Who ends up attracting only lust?


You must have thought I was too tired

To get up and leave

You must have thought you could say anything to me

Well how did it feel to lose control?

Had to lie about who really left

to keep playing your role?

Now you act scared of me

as you dig your own hole?

Should be scared of yourself

No one else…


When your thoughts can no longer make sense out of all your unhappiness

Don’t come back to me

When you can’t sleep because dreams of me repeat

Don’t come back to me

You looked in my eyes

With such animousity

Left me alone

So you could drown sorrows

in a bottle of whiskey

Hope the narrative you spin

Crushes apart your reality

Then maybe

Someone can finally

break down your fallacy

I tried

Until it almost ended me.












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