Spit on Synergy

They say time is an illusion

That’s just to cause confusion

Keep you stuck in delusion, shackled until you need a blood transfusion

And I’m so sick of the games, always ahead of the pathway meant to drive one insane

Laughing at people wasting their lives to bring others pain

No one but haters join your entourage for a moment of fame

So strike your pose, no matter how many lights the darkness still shows

Smile turns into a grimace, can’t even write a thoughtful sentence

You watch my words like some kind of apprentice

Best keep your eyes on your road, you’re driving senseless


Can’t touch me, not close to my energy

You work in packs while I spit on synergy

Have you thinking I’m at your mercy

When I’m praying people will just let me be, me

Just let me be me


They say anger isn’t right

Just to avoid a fight

Keep you silenced on what provoked you, darkness hidden from light

And I’m so sick of the gag in my mouth, while trying not to complain

Imagine being violated in every which way, trying to stay sane

Not taking on shame, I’ll annihilate any smear campaign

I’m not cut from the cloth that makes you so vain

Looking in the mirror, eyes so empty they almost look clear

Keep trying to control my moves by inducing fear

But maybe you didn’t hear, I go through the depths of hell and reappear.

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